A Kinder Soul

I’ve rarely met a kinder soul,

So full of inner feeling.

Doctor, surgeon, rabbi, priest,

Shamen, all know healing


Of such a type that mends a life

But none as clear as this.

The sort that gives without compromise,

Asks not for a kiss.


Though merit due to such a one,

Deserving so much love,

Shall one day know the glories of

The love from up above.


Until then this friend shall be

A friend to those who seek,

In silence they communicate,

No words they need to speak.


But those that are, are clothed in form

As angels shining bright.

My love to friend goes travelling

Out beyond the night.


Some friends there are who shall be named

And others who shall not

But, friendship still, their value, worth,

None, like this, is bought.