No Confidence Invoked

How would you have me tell these children

How to prep for life yet preserve youth

Should I tell them all the ways we love each other

Or reveal the awful with each truth


Should I tell them of the Flanders Field still growing

Gift them euphemisms for the cause

Sublimate the knowing, temper answers

Opt out with some version, ‘just because’


Should I tell them that, for all our evolution,

We haven’t found a way yet to exist

That sometimes there will be betrayal from a lover

Served with honey and a tender kiss


Shall I tell them that adults are a throwback

Dinosaurs that still believe in myths

Legends, including every dragon

Will they trust us still when knowing all of this


Will children, with their foresight and their fairness

Decree no confidence, invoke that law

Every right they would have, let’s start over,

I’ve seen it, just repeating what foresaw




Dark Magnificence

Born of blackest blackness

Without a trace of light

No candle glow

No single flame

To pierce the lens of sight

When out of dark magnificence

Mighty bang ensued

Veiled pitch relieved

All light redeemed

Every hope imbued.

Blessed be dark magnificence

Malevolence was torn

Atomic thunder

Shafted curse

Sight, to us, was born.


Clay Mask

Another take on my theme of masks.


clay dried, kilned, hardened,

rigid, unmoving, caught


statue unbroken,

but wait,

what’s this,

a crack.

tremor lines,



crouched statue separating from the man,

shards fall,



where spirit hidden,

essence unconcealed,

stood tall.


World keeps right on turning

In spite, not because

Of everything done and said,

Following natural laws.

Impact from external

May just change its course

Devastate, deviate,

Improve where none can force.

Rotational, cyclical,

Dizzying cyclone,

Spinning, spinning, spinning on

World no one may own.


Brief Passage

An infancy of moments in a time before we wept,

The shale upon a shore of tides run dry,

Fragments of forgotten in the minds of those who kept

The logbook of all memories ere we die.

The light upon the canvas of the photos that are stored

As the treasures hasped in trunks too hidden well,

Islands bound by oceans’ infestations evermore,

Tsunamied by the rising tidal swell.

Marooned upon the beaches, in the cities, in the streets,

Festooned in slimy seaweed bristled pink,

Garlanded by leviathans, shrill monsters of the deep,

Harpooned as creatures threatened as extinct,

Depicted in the planetary as strange evolving fish,

Corpulent in places yet denied,

Fabled in the storybooks, one true unending wish,

Find the purpose or believe that all have lied.

A momentary passing in a passage all too brief,

An anticlimax to the swelling waves,

Battle-wearied sailors to the storm of timely thief,

Weathered chunks of flesh, the native braves.

Notional the pleasant of the cruise we set upon,

Cast here in the chancing of a date,

Distant shores, horizons, dim glowing of new dawns,

Dependants in the history of fates.

Subprime Life

Youth’s energy became an old-age early,

Reminiscent of cruel winters long ago,

Hunter or be hunted as past primitive,

Weapons now quite different from long bow.

But spears still pierce and blood still flows aplenty,

Savages still scavenge, now upright,

Unvanquished beasts, unmarked by any number,

Missing link unmissing in their sight.

A broken chain, a steadfast reign of righteous,

Motion sensors marching endlessly through time,

Espy the life that seeks to live and end it,

Count its worth and value as subprime.

Count the cost of monsters who must judge life,

In pride’s self-justifying casting stone,

Wrecking, wreaking chaos. No limit. Children

Culled, guns and bombs, terror’s jaw-bone.

Never learning, never trying peace path,

Never caring but for selfish means,

Oh, hang heads, shame that’s neverending,

One child is worth more than all your dreams.




Shod, metallic footprint from the iron and the dust,

Imprimatur on landscape, on foreheads, blood-red rust,

Quivered for the arrows, seismic built for force,

Herald futures present, angelic voices hoarse.

Toppled from the bottom on legs too rarely straight,

Missing link presented, evolution’s backward gait,

Galloped on the sea foam, emerged from lowly heights,

Troglodytic vision, protusions limit sight,

Backwards, forwards facing, side by side, redact

Evidential actions, exclusive pacts retract

Fortunes for the future, markets’ falling stock,

Tempus fugit ages, seizure bell to clock.

Evolving Seed


New earthbound dream,  

Nothing quite as it would seem,

No one seen quite who they are,

Virtual reason, virtual stars,

Pictures painted,

Landscapes viewed,

Ungestured words believed, imbued,

Compelling world of make-believe,

Open, honest or deceive.

Venture where

Once footsteps trod,

Meet your nemesis or your god,

Faith in all enacted there,

Hidden ascension excluding stair.

No eyes to search

Nor touch convey

Friend or enemy, predator or prey.

World where judgement matters most,

Five senses voided, sooner lost.

Uploaded sixth,

Evolving seed,

Certified at point of need.

Embrace, escape, first sanctify

With power disclosed from inner eye.

Connect the bytes,

The matrix really,

See the feel, virtually.