Lies and Damnable Lies

Hands tight, legs bound,

Mouth gagged for submission,

Bondaged, by no self-request.

Nations tied to economy’s curse,

Answerable, to another’s behest.


One proud, one small,

One weak, one tall,

Taller, tallest, best.

Perceiving self-aggrandizement,

As Nature’s kind bequest.


Looking down from tower height

At others far below;

Insect-like, they scurry hither,

As if they do not know.


But others do. They see the lies,

That power, too, is curse,

That attitude to weaker states,

Leaves others so much worse

In choices that they have for life;

Children, husband, family, wife,

Exempted from inclusive share

Of earth’s bountiful supply.

And some will question, why?        


They have this right to gaze ahead

And see a world where land is bled,

Resources taken for others’ good,

Not shared,

As if in brotherhood.



The ties that bind do not oppress

The mind or spirit, in duress;

A glow of hope remains in breast

And some will strive to do what’s best,

To look behind the mirrored wall

And see the puppeteers that call

The tune, to such as we –

Eyes raised, to heaven, pleading for

All peoples’ liberty.