In Other Days

Would you hold my hand and lead me through

the glens that we once roamed

In other days, before we met, 

and voices called us home

Would you wrap your arms around me

as once I wrapped you in my shawl

And knowing that we’d meet again

would be best dream of all

Shall we savour moonlit walks once more

while yet our souls take flight

And will patience be our watchword

we two guardians of the night

Unforgotten mem’ries writ in starlight

show our way

Will you hold my hand and lead, my love,

back to heaven’s yesterday



If I run away and hide will you find me

In deepest ocean’s trenches, without air,

Flotsam with forgotten, undiscovered,

Adrift with other lost souls dwelling there.

If I send an SOS, will you hear it,

Answer sonic plea to surface sent,

Will you, please, at least, alert another

Before exploding breath in lungs is spent.

If I hear no engine fast upon the waters,

If rescue seems a distant hope far gone,

If none there shall be up above to save me,

I’ll rest down here, learn somehow, to belong.

I’ll move among strange creatures as their shadow,

Learn their ways, survive as best I can,

Never fear if depths are not your forte

But, if you would, I’ll maid to your merman.

With denizens deep down we’ll both discover

World worth hiding in, as all was meant,

Come, my love, and find me in these waters,

If you do, no mayday need be sent.

The Hollow

Let us go unto the hollow

where the well of deepest drink was dug before,

To sacred shaded hollow, carved from landscapes

told in tales from long ago of ever more.

Trust we in the hollow

whence abide relinquished dreams, past buried fates,

Restive shelter within hollow where,

with purpose, we will serve among frail wraiths,

Ghosts that haunt the hollow

seeking chances lost in pasts of empty tales

To drink again of dreams and fates,

sip nacre, dipped from hollowest of shells.

There in hollow shadows

we shall find the well again,

Unresisting, drown all sorrows

from the hollow of our pain.

Maiden’s Tax

So charge I, on steed, with sword by my right,

Helmeted, lance ever ready, a dragon to fight.

For maiden’s fair hand, I temper all prominent urges

Till once she is rescued; with prize, all lust fully surges.

Her hand I will espouse and promises pledge

To satisfy coy damsel; virtuous, unwed.


‘Here comes my saviour, knight on a mount.

A charger of white, nothing less would account.

His pity I seek for the sake of my life

And promises garnered to take me for wife.

I’ve been here before and I know well my plan.

For sake of my lover I dispatch every man.’


Breath full of fire and sulphurous glances,

My beauty espies and retrieves all life chances.

Though fairest of skin and tender of treat,

I forfeit hunger for her, for man’s endless meat.

With power beyond a dragon’s full pant

She barters with lovers and keeps me from want.


Here comes adventurer, no round affiliation.

One errant in task, no gallant equestrian.

‘I have him in sight, my flighty companion.

Threaten my safety, so he may succumb

To all my appeal as I faint in your arms.

Careful, my darling, let wings come to no harm.’


‘Ah, beauty I see! I invoke all my power.

This is my challenge, my valiant hour.

Soon she’ll be mine, with other distress,

As I purge all my fancies in darkest of forests.

Then leave her to lie where the nymphs find their nook

No knight of King Arthur I, but a dastardly crook.’


‘Now then my love, let acting begin,

Diminish the breath that holds all flight in.

Conquer this creature and eat of your fill

Then soar into heavens with me; I’m your girl.

A treaty convenient and mutually exclusive.

Thwart all these knights with intentions abusive.


‘Play possum, precious, when he comes for you

But let not his sword nor his lance strike for true.

Should battle enrage and it looks like he’s winning

I’ll sever his head from his body, while grinning,

With foil that’s been taken from the one who betrayed

This maiden so worthy in earlier days.


‘No man need I here while you’re by my side

Orgasmic communion is ours while we glide

Through skies endless vistas while soaring full height.

Hurry, my love, here comes bastard knight.

Bedevil his chances and wait till I lure.

Captivity once certain, then kill him for sure.’


Urges are rising as three come to meet.

All hunger of types, relentless drum beat

From hearts that are full of their deepest desires.

Today two will vanquish and quench their soul fires.

And firmament welcomes the two who would axe

The daring of any who thwart maiden’s tax.


Guided hands feel their way,

Breathless sighs betray.

Fantasy fuels the ardent fire,

Two, transfixed, desire.

Immortal code betrays in flesh

Lovers touch, caress.

A mirrored need to seek the one,

Melded, they succumb.

Dissolving into liquid pool,

Tightened muscles overrule

All mental hope, facility

To rationalise what skin betrays.

Urgent passage to the place

Where blood suffuses; endless grace.

Crescendo in a wanton song,

Affinity where two belong.

Sandra And Mark

Humour and beauty,

The two so combined,

In Sandra, I seek

A piece of my mind

That sources the living,

The loving I find

 That no other woman,

No one can compare, to

Sandra, my Bullock,

I look and I stare

At beauty and talent,

So often revealed

In images conveyed

Where nothing’s concealed,

In pictures on screen

Where I must confess

I worship the woman

Who one day may bless

The life that I lead;

Spirit filled with reality

Becomes heaven on earth

With Miss Congeniality.

220px-Sandra_Bullock,_The_Heat,_London,_2013_(crop)Photo credit

I would too, Mark. shit! Did I just say that out loud?! Lol. 🙂


Tell Me About It

A plough drags stars across firmament’s field,

Occasionally drops one, so Heaven may yield

A soul on the earth that once lit up the night,

Now cascades brightness and life-giving light.


Tell me about it, these magical ways,

How earth meets the heavens and wonder portrays.

Tell me about it in songs that you sing,

In stories once written to entertain kings,

In poems and in quotes that entertain all.

Tell me about it, these words so enthral.


A trawler drags nets through oceans and seas,

Harnesses life from the depths to release

A multitude of dreams and millions of wishes

Of a world where mermaids live, conversing with fishes.


Tell me about it, these magical ways,

How minds mingle with folklore and nights become days.

Tell me about it in pictures and books,

In animations and films I once mistook

As reality melded with poetic allusion.

Tell me about it, wondrous dreams of confusion.


A jet drags clouds from Olympus’ peak,

Reveals gods and goddesses playing chess and who speak

To a world of mere pawns in a royal array,

Defending battles that rage, all part of the play.


Tell me about it, these magical ways,

How heaven, earth and oceans intermingle in plays.

Tell me about it, the comic and sad,

Tragedies and fantasies, some semblance of mad

Influence from lunar, the tricks of the mind.

Tell me about it, we’ll seek and we’ll find.


 Garner your dreams, let spirit drag

Through mind, soul and ether, all memories you’ve had.

Mix the concoction as a magical potion,

Spread it on thickly, full of flighty emotion.


Tell me about it, I love all that stuff.

Of flight, love and fantasy, never enough.

Tell me about it, imagination unfold,

In mind and in spirit may we never grow old

Though in body we rest as the years take their toll.

Tell me about it. Dreams are our goal.

Eyes Locked

Ask me if,

In fantasy,

I find

Some grateful


Go on.

I’m still waiting……

OK, I’ll tell you,

A secret

I am living.


When cares of day



And bills

Are mounting high,

I close my eyes

And recollect

When there was

Just we two.

And sigh…


For all the days

When loving


In sensuous

Of wonder,

When clothes were torn

And eyes

Locked, fixed,

And hands grew

To push asunder



Closet thoughts,

Portraits of



Where neither


What was entailed

In loving

And in living,


Where meekest souls,

Naïve in ways,

Fuelled future,

Died, emerged,


Ending days

In loving arms.

Ecstasy in reality,


Felt forlorn


Go on, now,

I’m asking you,

Tell me,

What would

Your pleasure be?

To stray or fix

Your eyes on one

Who has loved

And still

Loves today?


I’m sure there are some fantasies

I ought to put aside,

To free my mind from imagery

I keep down deep inside,

But sharing them, in actions,

All for the one I love,

I feel this is a gift I’m given,

Imagination from above.


Excitement and gladness coincide,

Thoughts and dreams of you purvey

A measurement of wonderment,

In all you do and say.


Illusory love so gifted,

Imagination free and spry,

Transported to another place,

One where you and I


Exchange a kiss, extoll our bliss,

Indulge illicit pleasures,

Where fantasy and reality

Merge in fullest measure.


In hotel room where lust will bloom,

Extinguished every hour,

Till fireworks are fused and blown,

Gathered flower by flower


Till bouquet, now

In disarray,


In its pieces,

Scents our souls



Fantasy releases.

Flight Of Fancy

Hold my hand in yours, I pray

And lead.

Take a journey, two as one,

I plead.

Risk route of peril,

Passengers are we,

Driven on by

Flights of fantasy.

Jeopardy in all

Life’s daily trials,

Menace, threats,

Danger fuels the miles.

No gamble leads to no




Flying carpet

Weaves a pleasured passage,

Riotous ride

On gilded comfort carriage.

Crossing skies in cloudless

Endless night.

Stars sail by,

New moon reflects delight.

Sparkling eyes reveal

A gloried heaven

Lovers’ kiss received with delectation

And so given.

Ventures always

Vie with failure’s chance,

Staking nothing

Regrets the backward glance.

Fanciful, this graceful

Flying pleasure,

Imagination stores in chest

All hidden treasure.

Casting coins of custom

Far below,

Pearls and diamonds

Cascade, anarchic flow.

Reach out your hand

And grasp the reins of magic,

Hand clasped in mine,

No voyage lost to tragic.

All dreams, caprices,

Fancies do abide

Enchanted castles scaled

With you here at my side.