Statue_of_Zeus Wikipedia

Unconsumed deity, sky and thunder,

Lightning bolted eagle trailing justice,

Law and order, punisher of plunder,

Titanic created, lived among us.

Trinitied with sea and hell, your brothers,

Abstracted myth in far-off temple ruins,

Fathering demi-gods, feared by lovers,

Apprehensive, we danced to all your tunes.

With credo of contempt for nymphs and men,

Eroticist, spiritually spent,

From seat of philosophy and reason,

Temporary immortality lent.

Create personified divinity,

Assorted theocentric legacy.



Non, rien de rien,

Non, je ne regrette rien,

She sang.

I concur.

Life’s rocking chair test

will tease the past

in days to come.

I’ll hum the tune

and wonder why

I did not do,




I’ll speculate on

chances lost,

a life less well-lived,

moments that fled

before me

while I weighed the pros and cons.

Glimpses of might have beens

and could have, should haves

will torment my cowardly soul.

But, for those times

when I did,

when I grasped

the horns,

let them pierce,

rode the bull,

let it throw me




to tumble hurt

on dusty ground,

audience baying

or applauding,

I’ll be glad;

regretting only

the days I waved

white flag,

not red

and bled



by fear.


No twilight here

of gods

in surrender

but battles raging,


longest winter.

No hope apparent,


raging thirst,

godless, manless


consumed by lusts.

No skies above,

no earth

or hell below,



old ways forego.

No end in sight,

each dawn a new creation,

old worlds

evolve and die,

rebirth nations.

No fear, despair

in prophecies 


Emerge, arise,

fire purified,

warmth from bitter cold.

Foretaste Of Heaven

Seekers ask why and who, what and when

And where and, usually, how,

Must I live to ensure clear fulfilment

In life lived in the here and the now.


Hunters espy the target they seek

And plan how to meet the provisions,

Situate selves to best prey entrap

To achieve successful mission.


Quarry runs scared in every direction

Afraid to settle, except only themselves to hide,

Eyes darting always in fear of detection.

Life lived but with terror inside.


Learners believe that life is a book,

Encyclopaedic in nature

With facts to be learned by rote, kept in mind,

Often to prove their own stature.


Scientists experiment with wondrous array

Of elementary particles of land

Take notes and measure, test out their theories,

Dismiss faith often quite out of hand.


Lovers embrace that thing known as love,

Yearn for love gained and given.

Many there are who seek many ways

To experience a foretaste of heaven.

More Than Mere Words

Are you ok?

Are you well?

I need to know these things.

When I care, I care.

I can’t make that go away.

Are you thriving?

Are you happy?

Do you need someone?

Is life blessing your days?

Is there a way I can help?

Just say.

Love is what it is.

And spreads.

Be well.

Be blessed by love.

Don’t be afraid.

Or alone.

How are you?

More than mere words.

Polar Attraction

Two cry together

In separate rooms

But pride holds sway

Till the end,

Neither believing,

Forgiving, forgetting,

Where once, before love,

They were friends.


Tears on the flooring

Make puddles and pools

Each drop depicting

A scene

Of words from the past

And visions that last.

What happened to love

In between?


Why, when and how

Are the questions they ask

And answers, the two bent on seeking.

But comfort in arms

Rings bells of alarm

When neither of the two

Are yet speaking.


Such misunderstanding

When love is confused

And tears blind

What may be seen.

Too often two lovers

Hide under covers

When all it takes is

To say what they mean.


The games people play,

Without true intention,

Fear of hurt,

Resisting the action.

Dry all the eyes,

Open doors wide,

Meet half way,

To polar attraction.

Ashes Of Peace

Ashes of peace,

Treaty entreated,

No phoenix to

Surface in flight.

End of the conflict,

Gives no concord,

Truce settled for less

Than they might.


Divergence of interest,

No contradiction,


In their discord.

Battle still rages,

Though behind lines,

Neither believes

One word.


Fear and mistrust,

Goodwill gone astray,

Ceasefire may last

For a while.

Without true intention,

A closer inspection,

No solution.

No style.




All honesty has died I fear,

Words jest and play with all held dear.

I bow to court and so depart,

Clowns laugh and joke and play their part.

Royalty decreed it so,

Some observe while others throw

Clubs that juggle in the air,

Miss and hit, such talent rare.

To aim and wound and laugh at all,

Cruellest gift, no gift at all.


Rather act as Pierrot,

Wailing love’s departure,

Than betray all thought and feelings so

In silent mimicked rapture.


Only thought existed

When the wave came – toe to head.

Limbs motionless,


Numb to movement.




Present and

In control.

And fear.

Such fear.

A mind to be lost


As with a soul,

If body has no control.

A thought occurs,

Grows stronger,

Repeated internally.


From head to toe.


Such relief.