The Quaich – a loving cup

gifted, fashioned, crafted from a tree trunk

exquisite in its usefulness and shape

hollowed in the centre for the purpose

of holding liquid for our thirst to slake

gifted from the giver of the airy

fashioned for liquidity of life

crafted by the hands of man in union

with sources and the gifts for which we strive

no need for gilding or adornment

its beauty lies in purpose and in form

simplicity from complex matter

life- holding from life-giving

lovingly borne




A bizarre card depicting

Emotive fire;

Girding Hades’

Impassioned and

Jealoused kingdom.

Laved mainly now of

Putrid and querulous,

Reactive souls.

Turbulent underbelly with

Violent welts,


Youthful Zion.

I have no idea if this may already be a form. Taking each letter of the alphabet in turn, perhaps allowing connectives or not. Correct me please, I need to learn. A bit of licence on the ‘x’ too! 🙂 x



So similar, mine probably doesn’t count. Ah well, back to the drawing board. 😦 x