Recalled with Thanks

We don’t do Thanksgiving here in Scotland. But we do do giving thanks. (That doesn’t sound right…do do). Anyway…

Today I recollect the day of my mum’s death.

Cheery, I know. But it is, in many ways, because I get to give thanks to her for being my mum, for being who she was and who she still is, living on in my mind and heart.

I get to remember her and all the people I love because that was what she was all about.

She and my dad. Fourteen days from now I get to especially remember him all over again.

I get to think about what mattered to them and how they went about it in their everydayness. I can do that anytime, I know. But today makes me reflect more fully on all that I have to be thankful for, past, present and future.

And because I’m thankful for so many wonderful people in my life and the love that surrounds me I want to pass it on.

Thank you to all who read these pages. And thank you to all my beautiful guests who carried this blog for the month of November. I really struggle to find words of apt appreciation. You showed love and I love you for it.

Thank you all.x


Soul Connections

Across the distance,


Transmits a message,

Only we,

Tied to other

As a twin,

May understand

And therefore win

The knowing that

No words need speak,

For souls communicate

And seek.

Then distance

Falls apart when one

Lifts the phone

And tells the sum

Total of

What they have heard.

The message relayed

Without a word.

My friendships

Know this strange connection.

Spirits speak,

No greater affection.

Sometimes Song

Sometimes I understand

Everything about you,

Who you are,

Where you are coming from,

What lies hidden within.

Sometimes I look in your eyes,

Deeply knowing,

I hear your song.

Straight to my heart

The melody begins.


Sometimes I wonder,

I shake my head

In disbelief,

Lost in muddied waters

At what I fail to see.

Sometimes searching through pools

Clouded by errant thoughts,

Caught in spirals of gloom,

Chasing your mind,

While you flee.


Sometimes I do not know

Anything about you

At all.

Nothing transmits,

Error codes find fault.

Sometimes I want to give up

Lie down,


Begin again,

Revert to position default.


Sometimes you shut yourself

Away from me,

Leave a bank of unknowing

Nothing credited,

Deposited, withdrawn.

Sometimes I fail

In all efforts to reach,

To breach the divide.

Sometimes there’s nothing,

Save forlorn.


Sometimes all hope

Descends into abyss,

No bliss,

Nothing computes,

We’re lost.

Sometimes a ray shines


Partial illumination

Protects, averts,

No need to count the cost.


Sometimes we go on

In the face of all.