I’m feeling utterly frustrated tonight.

A couple of days ago I did a video reading Resolutions My Arse – The Glesca Version and wondered at the time why my voice sounded so low. Never thought too much about it. Last night I was round at my sister’s and noticed that my voice kept coming and going. This morning I woke with next to no voice at all and it has just gotten progressively worse throughout the day. So much so that I had to cancel a night out with my best friend. If there is one thing the two of us do is talk. And that would have been an impossibility. I started off the day sounding like a combination of Mickey Mouse and Kermit. Now, more like a really quiet Flipper.

I can only recollect one other time when I lost my voice almost completely and I was in class. Rather than getting louder the children grew quieter and quieter. I am obviously the source of most of the noise! My house is exceptionally quiet tonight. I gave up signing furiously. And swearing under your breath in frustration just does not have the same impact.

But at least I can type. 😉