Jist The Wan Rid Threid

Fae wan minnit tae the next there’s no’ a pause

Jist the wan rid threid haudin’ it aw the gither

Same stream ae blood that gies us aw same cause

Ye cannae see it tae ye look an’ hope discover

Ancestry they cry it an’ it’s cairried in wur veins

A fine rid threid that lasts beyoand wur deid

Passed oan fae wan tae anither in aw wur weans

Gie time we aw wur mindet ‘boot that threid

Guilt Trip – Mark ll

Strictly speakin’, this isnae actually a new post ‘cos it’s the wan ah posted yisturday!  Guilt Trip

Bu’ a few folk huv commented oan ma video readins an’ ah think that they aw think that that’s the wiy ah talk aw the time. An’ it’s no’.

So, ahm offerin’ an alternative here fur yer delights. If ye kin make oot wit ahm sayin’ then good fur you! You’re a linguist ae soarts.


Strictly speaking, this isn’t actually a new post because it is yesterday’s post!

But, a few people have commented on my video readings and I think that they all think that that’s the way I speak all the time! But it’s not.

So, I’m offering an alternative here for your delights. If you can make out what I’m saying then good for you! You’re a linguist of sorts.

Guilt Trip Mark ll