Things that suck about living with ‘children’

Right, I preface this with the fact that I know I’ve not been the most observant of housekeepers lately.

I work full time.

I have school work to do.

I do homework with my kids.

I write.

I blog.

Sometimes I even socialise.

I don’t watch TV.

And housework bores the arse off me. So I’m not in every room all the time.

I keep the place relatively clean. You know, so there are no creepy crawlies and things living on things. I clean the bathrooms. I skite round the cooker. I make sure the fridge and freezer are cleaned every so often. Change the bedding. Do the shopping. You know, crap like that.

Hubby sees to the washing. I hate the washing.

And the ironing.

OK I hate lots of it.

26 years of it has seen me realise that a little dust is good for you.

And there comes a time when certain age groups are capable of fending for themselves. So I don’t touch their rooms. I look in and groan now and again. But I don’t clean them for them.

Now what we have here is that some people have an innate desire to live in a clean and comfortable environment and I’m delighted to say that, with the exception of one of them, that’s quite true as far as their rooms go. It would be two but she moved into a flat. God help the flat mates. No, I believe she is learning.

What this post is about isn’t keeping things clean and reasonably tidy.

It’s about the fact that there’s no light bulb in the living room, some sod has taken the play station from there and moved a small bookcase into it for good measure. Not for books! Just to put things in/on. Pinched from a wee corner I had created for printer and crap. And one of them has taken my lovely white bedding from the cupboard and put it on their bed. Why? I don’t feckin’ know why. It doesn’t even fit their bed. Small double, king size bedding. WTF!

There comes a time when children obviously think they’re living in a flat rather than at home. And they’re making decisions that don’t suit me! But their rooms are lovely!

I organise things and buy shit so that every room has what it needs. At least, I think so.

But, nowadays, people – that would be the grown up kids – see something they need or like and just move it into their room.

But they don’t think to tell me that there’s no light bulbs left! Or that they wanted to take the play station for watching dvds. That’s why it was in the living-room in the first place. Serves two purposes. DVD player and games console.

And it’s not like they don’t have their own stuff.

I’m pissed off at them tonight.

I wanted to watch a movie that my sister lent me. Got myself all organised in a candlelit room. Hubby was already there watching TV in the gloaming. Went to put on the light so’s I could read the blurb on the cover. No light. No feckin’ bulb. And hubby says, ‘Oh yeah, one of their lights went out so they took it from here.’ Not just one. Every feckin’ lamp in the living room. So candle light it was. I read the blurb in the hall. And asked hubby to put the movie on. ‘Ummm, on what?’

On what! No play station. So no DVD player.

It might seem like nothing I know. And in the big scheme of things it’s less than nothing. But I don’t often take the notion of watching a film and I thought it would be nice to cosy up with hubby and watch a rom-com.

So, I’m back upstairs in my office. No sheets on my bed ‘cos the others aren’t dry yet. And one of my boyos is sitting in splendour with my bedding and my bulb.

Feck knows who’s got the other play station.

I’m in a huff. And I don’t want to see a movie now.

And they have the cheek to say they’d like a lock on their door so’s no one takes anything from their room!