Let me shake your hand!

How do you do?

Ah, good firm bear grip; I like that in a fellow blogger. There’s tidy, as they say in Wales…

Anyway, enough of the social chit chat, and on with the motley – for I am, amongst many other things, a jester, a clown.

Albeit a broken one.

My name is Alienora, and Anne-Marie has very kindly allowed me to sneak onto her site and use her tools (snigger, snigger) whilst she is away writing the Great Work.

I have been a blogger since June 2012, having given up the Day Job (teaching) after thirty years to become what I have always actually been, a writer.

My output is eclectic, my attitude and behaviour frequently eccentric. I cover sex, relationships, prose-poetry, fragments of novels and loads of humour.

Today, however, I am writing something a great deal more serious – a piece on emotional abuse. It is something I witnessed all too often as a teacher, and have experienced myself at various points.

If you want to visit my site, I can be found at: