Intermittent Signals

Wildly erratic

Signals less than optimum

Reboot, pause, begin.

Low expectations

Adversarial boxes

Disconnect, restart.

 Lost plaintive pleading

Alternative communion

Speech to ears from tongue.

Possible answers

Impossible questioning

Wrapped in packets dropped.

Rest With The Angels

pale soft diffusion

steady, slow, to timely chirps

dreamland fades to morn

absorbing stillness

subtle changes filter shades

peace awakening

perfumed oils pamper

paced luxury kneads to sleep

rest with the angels

Prescription needed!

Spa days cure insomnia,

Doctor in the house?


Submerged Skies

My response to the prompt. I wish I could see the heavens but…..


Heavenly wonders

Hidden behind storm clouded

Skies – waterfalls flow.



Carpe Diem’s Special #70, Alexey Andreyev’s “Evening sky”

evening sky —
over the city lights
stars hardly seen

(c) Alexey Andreyev

Sleep. Arise.

Haiku x  5 . Daily Post Challenge


Conscious mind desists,

Over at last, diminished

Light, a flick of wrist.


Sleep softly at last,

Angelic wings fan fever,

Calmness comforts soul.


Portents of future

Glimpsed in dreamlike journeying,

Recalled in waking.


Funnelled coloured light,

Filtered through stained, rainbow glass,

Brighter hued delight.


Authorship of mind,

Penned for public perusal,

Co-owned thoughts outlined.