Darkest Night

When descends the tortuous night

And demons kneel to prey,

No blanketed enclosure

May keep such fiends at bay.

Tormented by the fearsome one,

Urges turn to need,

Horn’d spectres gather round in dark

To suppurate and feed

On souls of those whose black despair

Shrouds burdens into gloom.

Malevolence lurks in corners

Of even brightest room.

Bleak despondence, this the scourge,

That eats at wholesome flesh,

Annihilates hope, once professed,

Spirits to enmesh

With such as those who haunt the night

Or day, if eclipse persists.

Light within reveals the way.

Only this resists.


Tomorrows Passing

Your talent and encouragement persuade me to have-a-go. Cubby, at http://reowr.wordpress.com/2013/10/09/no-one-else-a-quatern-and-challenge/#comment-7266 makes it all seem so easy, with clear guidelines and perfect example.


Haunted by tomorrows passing,

Streams of tears overflow today.

Love’s alluring kiss is missing,

Has been amiss for many days.


All hope is gone with silence spent,

Haunted by tomorrows passing,

Two hearts asunder, broken, rent,

Cast aside in moments wishing.


Day is lost to hopeless musing

And dreams of pleasured nights, we two

Haunted by tomorrows passing,

Alone, in mind, from one so true.


In spirit realm our souls abide,

Honest, forthright, gift of blessing.

Two, united, no longer hide

Haunted by tomorrows passing.


Friday Fiction. http://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/2013/10/09/11-october-2013/




Ghosts of ancient days linger, harkening to words long ago spoken. Poets and philosophers shaped the world then and delivered truths in Epidaurian splendour, extolling creation’s wonders. Restorative treatment for unsupported hearts that questioned our same beginnings. Spirits weep silent tears, unheard by those whose hearts are cold to musings.

With healing touch, new words are formed and man’s ailments find an echo in undiminished souls from theatrical beginnings.

A hush descends and even spectres bow to the new. One voice begins and lyrics swell poetically. No dissonant chords to haunt. Phantoms silenced by poetry, personified in the singer.