Lend, for a moment, your heartbeat,

Unfettered by casing of skin,

Unbidden to work for its living,

Unhurt, untouched by all sin.

Listen as heartbeat pounds softly,

Desirous of body around,

Pendulum longing for spirit,

Soul seeking heart to be found.

Watch as they merge close and closer

Enmeshed for the time that it takes,

See how they work out their passage,

Together for goodness’ sake.

Take back your heart while still beating,

Breath it with spirit you’ve known,

Flesh it and, when moved together,

Give it a life of its own.

Excise your heart with incision,

Pare it to beat at its best,

Timepiece of rarest precision,

Gifted for life and no less.

Examined now, proper procedure,

Surgeon and scalpel remove,

Operational, heart with a purpose,

Heart given back, fit to prove.




Hi Everyone,

The lovely Anne – Marie read one of my poems and asked me if I would like to feature it on here on her blog to which I replied of course I will! It’s a bit funny to me because I actually wrote this piece as an emotional vomit. Yay for expressing rage! Anyway I hope you like it.





Woman of the fire

She stands in the spotlight faint hearted
The saboteur waits in shadows
She sings of truth and beauty
She wants her silenced now
A voice gets reduced
The knife slides in
She stops all
Hums alone
Inhales, exhales
Tests her feet in dance
Weds the heavenly choir
Raises the curtain to love
Remembers the assault of hate
Stays on hold patiently by the fire

“Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it.”


When the upsurge



And truth explodes

With meaning,

No argument

Or reasoned clause


That inner


Acknowledged worth

Of human brain

With heart

And soul

And might

Embraces freedom,



Knows what’s



One Magpie.

She’s knifed,


Heart ripped out

And devoured.

Pecked at,

Grown back,

Ripped out again.

No eagle

For Promethean


A magpie theft,

Stealing silver

And gold.

Golden age


One magpie


To wound again.


Two Magpies.

They’re happy now.

Birds in flight


Bound by



Flight discharging

Winged wonder,

Bowing in the air,

Curtsy to earth.



Plumed to dark

And light.





Bountiful Benevolence

I can feel excitement surging,

Rising in my breast,

A sense of something imminent,

Not giving any rest.

The reason is elusive,

It lies just out of sight

But I know it’s on its way today

Or maybe in the night.

My heart is fit to bursting

And it’s tapping out a rhyme,

It’s spreading to my innards

And the feeling is so fine.

I hope it stays for quite a while,

I don’t want it to go,

It’s way too pleasant in extreme.

If you felt it, this you’d know.

It’s like love’s young dream has come along

And filled my flesh with fever.

Some may scoff at feeling so

But I am a believer

In wondrous possibilities

And anticipation wild,

A message from the universe

To me, her little child.

And so we all could listen too

To creation’s whispered words

And feel the spark of something grand,

Not weird nor too absurd.

Just bountiful benevolence

That fills and swells the soul.

I love it when I feel like this.

It makes me feel so whole.

Heart’s Desire

Missed the postman the other day for the daily prompt on angst and longing!

But just going for it anyway as it was ready. Hate to waste anything.:)

Oops! My bad. Not Daily Prompt but Angst and Longing ( WEEKLY storyboard)  So, I didn’t miss the postman! Knew I’d seen it somewhere.

Well, there are so many. 😉


Heart’s Desire


Lost in contemplation of your mind,

I close my eyes to sleep but then I find

That night time dreams are permeated all by you

Just as conscious state is marked all day thus too.



You’ve woven threads within my very being,

Interlinked and intricate in weaving,

Threaded through the fabric of my core,

Bound, in mind and heart, for evermore.



To snip the thread would cause my soul to bleed,

Wanting you has now become my need,

A blessed, aching, burning thing of fire.

In essence, you are my heart’s desire.

Sensuality’s Song

Sexuality knows a secret,

It lives within the mind,

Nourishes the sensual soul,

Imagination finds



Sublime pleasures in the brain,

Transferred to earth by body,

Electrical compulsion blast,

Volcanic does embody



Eruption from the very core,

The mind, the heart, the soul,

Thankfulness in all its parts,

Making loving whole.



Re-release the woman,

Fulfil the song with glory,

Sing crescendos to the heavens.

Harmony, the story.



The man shown love with sensual song

Accompanying each new chorus,

Responds in loving heart’s desire,

Fountain flows and pours.



Celebrating love again

In joyous, radiant rapture,

Senses felt, all revealed,

Two hearts relive, recapture



A cosmic song when two belong

And love has found its path,

Fluorescent lights and stars

And mirth – such loving laugh.



A message then, if one you need,

Release the mind to know,

Reveal and celebrate to find,

Let all loving show.



Received in pleasure, given too,

Abandonment enhances,

Two rejoined in unity.

New life, new hope, new chances.



For life and worries can defeat

And thwart all expectation,

But mindful, soulful, sensual heart

Shows by demonstration.


Video reading Sensuality’s Song

Marked for Ownership

Marked, for good measure,

For ownership,

By knife or ink or ring,

Scented, sprayed and harnessed,

Quash the soul that wants to sing.


Come naked,

No worldly possessions,

Leave all past stories behind,

Bring me no honest confessions,

Come, with open heart and mind.


No markings of boundary

Or territory,

No quelling my tune with your song.

Wide open, voluntary and welcome.

Only then can each belong.