Lend, for a moment, your heartbeat,

Unfettered by casing of skin,

Unbidden to work for its living,

Unhurt, untouched by all sin.

Listen as heartbeat pounds softly,

Desirous of body around,

Pendulum longing for spirit,

Soul seeking heart to be found.

Watch as they merge close and closer

Enmeshed for the time that it takes,

See how they work out their passage,

Together for goodness’ sake.

Take back your heart while still beating,

Breath it with spirit you’ve known,

Flesh it and, when moved together,

Give it a life of its own.

Excise your heart with incision,

Pare it to beat at its best,

Timepiece of rarest precision,

Gifted for life and no less.

Examined now, proper procedure,

Surgeon and scalpel remove,

Operational, heart with a purpose,

Heart given back, fit to prove.