On The Case



Will you please send it back if you find it,

I don’t know where it’s gone but I suspect,

And Cluedo-like I’m searching in distinct rooms,

Miss Marples on the case to it detect.

I thought I might have left it in the kitchen,

I leave a lot of loving there in pots,

Utensils all at hand, they proved quite useless,

One trace of it, there simply, though deliciously, was not.

I moved through hall, stairs hidden, into games room,

Checking in all pockets on the way,

Found some bits of value but all wrong shaped

And no one who was playing there could say,

Too busy with controllers and fast action,

I wouldn’t leave it there so I just left,

Into lounge and dining via study,

My hopeful start was growing more bereft.

A flash of inspiration, to the ballroom,

I love to dance so chance was on my side,

Huge but empty, not a tick to guide me,

I turned around and French doors flung them wide

To glass house where a million hearts were beating,

Rhythmic to the tune of silent stir,

Under leaves, in soil, I checked the gamut,

Even looked in books in library there.

I wandered on outside because, frustrating,

Where could it be and why oh, had it gone

Then I caught the scent of you upon homecoming,

I expect you took it with you at first dawn.

So close the board and off the case, detectives,

Suspect is a rogue that cannot guess

How many times I’ve feared my heart was missing

Then remembered just in time that it was blessed.

But, if seeking lacking is your secret hobby,

I have another case that you can pinch,

Someone stole two marks from metric measure,

Imperially, I am shorter by near inch.

Now, there’s a case that gives me cause for concern,

If hearts get lost and inches dwindle fast

I’ll disappear and then you’ll have to find me,

Like hide and seek with magnifying glass!


45+ Hearts Afire

Dig them up

And dust them down,

The relics,

Hearts exhumed

From passion,

Buried deep.

Guard them well,

Protect them,

Arms surrounded,

Stolen once,


Ours birthed to keep

Flame still burning,


Burning brighter,

Hearts afire,


Growth anew,

Buried not,

No fear,

We’re here,

We’re stronger,



Holding true.



The door slammed,


But it was loud.

It closed all chances,

Betrayed feelings;

Love in a shroud.


Embalmed the heart,

Pinioned wings

And severed

Connections felt;




A gust came then,

Wafted through

And left,

Refreshed the soul

Though heart was left



Storm clouds clear,

Skies lighten,

Blue breaks through,

Sunshine promised

And heart may still



A lottery

Of love

And broken hearts,

So life goes,

New tickets

Hope imparts.

The Price

Peace is offered and granted,

Cessation that only one sought.

Though earth may diminish what heaven can allow,

Bequests such as this are not bought –

A treaty unsigned and unwanted,

Antagonism ended, apart.

In honour of how heal all hurts, it stands –

For the price of one broken heart.



Shows a better face,


With some grace,


That love and life

Go on their way.

Some hurts will go

While others stay.


Look kindly on

Another’s track,

Bless their footsteps,

May nothing lack


In all that others’

Needs may be.

Compassion works

For you and me.

Innocence Injured

No callous thoughts

Nor cold intent

Should dwell where love’s

Been freely spent.


Unequalled pleasure

Can’t decry

Where love was known

Though, by and by,


Treasured moments

One time enthralled,

Glimpsed afar,

Now unrecalled.


Bitter hearts

Disclaim, with voice,

Past memories

As if no choice


Had taken part

In ending all,

Hostile relations

After the fall


From grace and trust

Where love was living,




They passed this way,

Once hand in hand,

A surer love,

No wedding band


Could so unite

The two apart,

Where love once dwelt

Lives broken heart


And cordial calmness

Claims surrender,

Harsh words, contempt

Sever, dismember,


Leaving nought

But recollections,


Bittersweet perfection.


Imperfect memory

Chills to the core

All treasured moments,

Never more.


Coupled collapsing

Feels dismay,

Abysmal distrust,

Love cannot stay.


They grieve their loss

In strangest manner,

Vindictive, cruel,

A jealous rancour.


These people are

Still known to me,

I watch

And listen carefully


And ponder how

A love once sown,

Grew then withered,

Split to the bone.


Words, then endearing,

Draw blood, now bitten,

Fragmented love

From two once smitten.


Divided, riven,

Torn apart,

Indifference chills

But where to start


When coldness turns

To malevolence

And hurts and robs

All innocence?

Mind Warp

When we’ve been hurt

The chances are

We’ll seek some retribution

And play around with others’ hearts,

Seeking a solution.

For anger that lives deep down inside,

No longer suppressed but open wide

To anyone whose paths we cross.

We’ll make them suffer to

Assuage our loss.

Except, that doesn’t work.


Deeper hurt needs deeper healing,

Some understanding hugs with feeling.

Wounds, if picked, will fester so.

Hatred, vengeance, all will grow

Till fever claims your soul.

Relax, release, resist the urge,

Find another way to purge,

Before you warp your mind.


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