Rich Guy Ghettoes

vacant windows

with fresh flowers

furnished properties

doorstep dallies

rich guy ghettoes

taking liberties


and empty boxes

frontages with frills


of cosmocrats

buying up at will

spacious places

specious facades

global marketeers

purchased post codes

digging downwards

hell’s the new frontier

high alert to penis size


golden bricks

more luxuries

than communities

up to all the tricks

media complex

bowelled basements

dugouts for midas fools

central perks

with hotel lobbies

breaking all the rules

deserted dozens


waiting for their souls

while on the pavements

in shop doorways

homes sacrificed for goals


Recognised Today

Frasers-89The Blackhouse, courtesy of Pete

Another life then,

Challenged by the gods

And foe.


Within and


Nature’s cruelty,

Natural instinct.

Fighting to survive

With arms

And hands that

Kept the home fires


Tarred within,

Blackened without,

Hearts of innocent


Allegiance to survival,


And secondary causes.

Another life then,

Recognised today.

What If?

What if every place you’d ever lived could tell a story;

A recounting of your life by many walls?

What if every word you’d said and deed you’d done there

Were embedded in the rooms and in the halls?


What if one day when you wanted to remember

All the living that you’d done in houses past,

You put glass to wall and stories fairly poured forth?

Would you recognise the days and years all passed?


If a record of your days in each was written

And portrayed poetically in film or book

Would you read, survey, enjoy all that you saw there?

Be happy so to have another look?


Or would walls be haunted by memories that maimed there

And bleed distempered paint into the rooms?

Would the years and months and days be reflective of your dreams

Or a nightmare lived, encased in fetid tombs?


What if those you’d known and loved were all still present

In the fabric of the buildings that you’ve known?

Would their eyes be wide like yours at the secrets all revealed

At the manner of your ways not always shown?


What if where you lived right now had all new plaster

And a sheath to shelter brick from broken tithes?

Would you take the chance to start afresh and try there

To edit and improve upon your life?