False Security

In Troy, the horse was taken in,

And so, too, was that nation.

Drunken celebrations followed.

Much happy jubilation!

But, enemies, within the gates

Bided their own time,

Till battle-scarred citizens had,

Imbibed too much of wine.

Lulled to sleep by Dionysus’ best,

Heads on arms, and arms on breast.

They fell.

Watchfulness and trusting soul,

Blinded by another’s goal.

And prize was claimed,

Helen, named,

The face that launched

A fleet.


After the Horse has Bolted

Brain buzz,

French fried,

Sizzling, scorching, sear.    

Unaccustomed to the sun

Mind addled?

Yes, I fear.     

I was not one

To speak in rhyme

At the dropping of a hat   

But sunshine

Has affected me

I feel like such a prat.    

I really must

Retire indoors

Before it is too late.

Oh, damn and blast!

The horse has gone,

I didn’t close the gate