As One

Strength will lend a voice

Amid noise and confusion.

In weakness, valour may dare.


In weakness, valour may dare

Scale mountains, fly freely

While fear still crushes bones.


While fear still crushes bones

And innards liquefy,

Fight or flee is chosen.


Fight or flee is chosen

Instinctively, unconsciously.

Protection and survival the aim.


Protection and survival the aim

Of life – to adapt, change,

Signify and glorify the spirit within.


Signify and glorify the spirit within,

Rejoicing in source and unity,

Recognising, in awe, invisible threads that bind.


Recognising, in awe, invisible threads that bind,

Drawing one to another, connecting the edges,

Expanding, creating anew the whole.


Expanding, creating anew the whole,

Intricately woven and bound,

Harmonised, synchronised, complete.

A Golden Key

And truth will set you free, they say,

Its golden key releases,

Swiftly turned in oiled lock,

Veracity always pleases.


Candour knows integrity,

It smiles on honest faces,

Liberation gained in verity,

Humanity embraces.


Unfurnished news, some basic facts,

Journal of sincerity,

A welcome change, when all is open,

Revealed with certainty.


Simple facts proclaimed just so,

Legitimate, exact,

Discharge and so emancipate

Where freedom once was lacked.