No Friend

I’m working my way through the 25 day music challenge set by Twindaddy and tomorrow’s question asked for a piece of music associated with a former friend. I could no more post the song I associate with this person than I wanted to think about her. Someone, in fact, has already posted the song. But she popped into my head because of the reflection given on what that question meant to me. This was no friend. Neither ‘former’ nor latterly, although I did believe so for a number of months when I was too stupid to know better. She hurt someone who is my best friend. She pretty much hurt everyone she came into contact with. This was a dangerous person to know. I’m posting this and hope the memories fade back to where they belong. In the past.

I’d all but forgotten her

and the rank taste of her lies,

the pouting lips,

vicious eyes,

vitriolic vomit spewed

on foes and friends alike,

smiling hands on hips,

her fetid spite,

getting her rocks off

with slanderous stones cast,

malevolent glee

in days past.

I’d almost forgotten

I’d ever known one

so vicious,

pond scum,

bottom feeder,

bred for cauldron’s pot.

I won’t remember.

Best I not.


Without Visage

reflections on an inner world

silvered glass without visage

slithers cut to piercing

dipped in crimson’d life

oceans of the stuff

congealing around our feet

sticky red tar

leaving a fading trail

as we walk away

in many directions

Let’s Begin

I call to you now.

Nothing elusive,







Only shared


I call.

As any bird

Has ever whistled to another,

As whales describe

The ocean

In surreal sounds

That haunt forever

And teach patience


And love.

I call to you now

As a human,

As a woman.

As me.

There is no other.

Just as there is no other


I call to all you are,

Have ever been

And wish to be.

As you were created.

As you have become.

In all the ailments

And hurts you know

And feel.

In all that you think.

I call.

There is a oneness

That unites.

The air we breathe.

The hearts that beat.

The biological.

Let’s begin there.


Love Is All


That level of strength could be viewed as a weakness;

Never succumbing a pinch.

That level of pride could be deemed as fruitless;

Never giving an inch.

That much virtue could be perceived by some

As really more of a vice.

So much poker and ramrod straight;

Always thinking thoughts twice.

That much angst belongs with the youngsters;

Idealism for teens and youth.

Sometimes life is just what it is;

That’s the God’s honest truth.

That much hope, you flout and dismiss;

Strange and futilely wrong.

Hope and love spring always eternal;

That’s what it says in the song.

That much hurt needs love to heal it;

Love, unconditional and true.

There’s someone for everyone; believe it or not.

Someone loving for you.

There’s pride and honesty, virtue and worth,

Thoughts that go on for miles.

Then there’s love, just love; that’s eternally truthful.

Remember. And make yourself smile.

My theory is really simplistic;

Bold, with a side of plain.

There is only love and light that’s eternal;

That’s how we ease all our pain.


Thoughts that diminish

Love and then finish

With hearts, broken and sore.

There’s something far wrong

When love seems too strong,

We repel. But still look for more.


Be wary and chary of thoughts that disease,

Determine to flout your desires.

Not all that glitters is made from garish;

Some are treasures. Aspire.


Stop looking for one who is all you desire;

Look for the one that is true.

Look to the north, the south, east or west.

Then look for the one that’s for you.


They may be a stranger with thoughts like your own;

They might even have your own name.

They could be someone that is ready to give

Bountiful love; without seeking fortune or fame.


Some trust is required, some measure of faith.

Some reaching without too much thought.

Hold out your hands, believe what you hear,

Hold on to love; all else is naught.


Reach for the stars,

Recall all you’re worth.

Stop thinking you’re nothing at all.

Give with your heart.

Receive what is offered.

Love before pride. That is all.


Video reading. Love Is All




Innocence Injured

No callous thoughts

Nor cold intent

Should dwell where love’s

Been freely spent.


Unequalled pleasure

Can’t decry

Where love was known

Though, by and by,


Treasured moments

One time enthralled,

Glimpsed afar,

Now unrecalled.


Bitter hearts

Disclaim, with voice,

Past memories

As if no choice


Had taken part

In ending all,

Hostile relations

After the fall


From grace and trust

Where love was living,




They passed this way,

Once hand in hand,

A surer love,

No wedding band


Could so unite

The two apart,

Where love once dwelt

Lives broken heart


And cordial calmness

Claims surrender,

Harsh words, contempt

Sever, dismember,


Leaving nought

But recollections,


Bittersweet perfection.


Imperfect memory

Chills to the core

All treasured moments,

Never more.


Coupled collapsing

Feels dismay,

Abysmal distrust,

Love cannot stay.


They grieve their loss

In strangest manner,

Vindictive, cruel,

A jealous rancour.


These people are

Still known to me,

I watch

And listen carefully


And ponder how

A love once sown,

Grew then withered,

Split to the bone.


Words, then endearing,

Draw blood, now bitten,

Fragmented love

From two once smitten.


Divided, riven,

Torn apart,

Indifference chills

But where to start


When coldness turns

To malevolence

And hurts and robs

All innocence?

As Lemmings

Some things I relinquish,

Like motorway driving –

I hate it.

But not love, never love.

Even when it hurts,

I rate it


As way up there

With angels

And such.

Fantastical, almost magical,

I love love

So much.


It’s a wonder,


A conundrum unsolved

But found,

Valued intensely,

In love, all absolved.


Unrequited, it sucks

And hurts,

Feel the pain.

Lovers fall,

From great heights,

Again and again,


Like suicide mission

Or lemmings

To cliff,

Thrown into orbit,

Glide momentarily

Then drift



Through space,

Before crashing, taking stock,

Splattered and battered

By love

On the rocks.


Some hurting

So keenly,

Formidably endure

But willing to

Test, to try

To ensure


New futures,


From love with a soul,

In searching,


Hope has a goal.



This feeling,

What it’s about,

Love and its merits

We sense,

Seek it out.


Be hopeful,


Strive to that end

In loving,


We find and we mend


In hearts

That once broken

A new dawn begins.

Love never ends,

It feeds

From within.


It travels

Through heavens,

Scopes out the land,

Seeks those in need,


Takes in hand


Till two are united

Hands reach,

Hearts on offer

To those,

Such as those,

Love will proffer


And soon,

Without looking,

Or searching too far,

Love’s endless journey


And our star


Is brightened,


By earthly endeavour,


By all willing,

Love savoured with pleasure.

Your Strength

Your strength



Your words,

Your pain.

You go on.

You focus.

And go on.

Not lost










As much.



To be.

Just be.

So much



So much



Only One Result

So many ways to count the cost.

So many different types of loss.


So many hearts that know such pain.

So many afraid to love again.


So many tears that people cry.

So many ways to live or die.


So many hopes and dreams delayed.

So many debts to fate unpaid.


So much hope to find again.

So much love contained within.


So many better ways to live.

So many avenues to give.


So many cannot receive such gift.

So many refuse to be uplifted.


A grateful sort of loving flows

When love given,



And knows.


So many choices,

One result.

Love is all….

Love is all.


Some lies protect

The honest truth,

Spoken not to kill,

Preventive measures,

Subtly taken,

To reinvent the will.


Some truths reveal

A lie beneath,

Exposed in all its glory.

Sometimes fibs

And partial truths

Hide a different story.


Some people swear

To honesty

In strictest of devotion,

Others swear


To camouflage emotion.




In many forms,


Different ways and

So conforms


In words

Too hard to say,

Though true,



Facts anew.



Do this

All the time.

They lie

And hope that

All is fine


Till caught in


Flouting one,


They hide,

Until someone


Reveals that,


Though not ideal,

A lie may


How others feel.