Some lies protect

The honest truth,

Spoken not to kill,

Preventive measures,

Subtly taken,

To reinvent the will.


Some truths reveal

A lie beneath,

Exposed in all its glory.

Sometimes fibs

And partial truths

Hide a different story.


Some people swear

To honesty

In strictest of devotion,

Others swear


To camouflage emotion.




In many forms,


Different ways and

So conforms


In words

Too hard to say,

Though true,



Facts anew.



Do this

All the time.

They lie

And hope that

All is fine


Till caught in


Flouting one,


They hide,

Until someone


Reveals that,


Though not ideal,

A lie may


How others feel.


Hidden Hearts

If hidden heart hides all it holds

And does not so reveal

Its measures of diversity

How may we start to heal?


For sexual, sensual, mindful ones

With intellect, emotion

Know that others are created so.

All else is such strange notion.


Multi-faceted we all are

And so it’s always been.

We understand in many ways,

That’s how in life we glean


The differences and what’s the same,

The choices we all make,

Enlightened by our natures

For God’s and Mankind’s sake.


The only fear then is you’ll find

That leaders and some others,

Deny their soul, their unworthiness,

Flaunting self to others


As upright, straight, responsible

And caring without sin.

Gie’s a break, you’re human.

Perfection cannot win


If viewed by others as corrupt

When history reveals

Little things you’ve said and done

Or gigantic big conceals.


We did not ask for leader

With belt of horse-hair bound.

Just honesty, integrity, frailty.

Can one such one be found?


In this way, so you may relate

And gather quite a base,

If what we see and what we get

Hides not another face.


For power sought for selfish ends,

We may have just forgotten

Suggests another aimless trend.

Intrinsically, they’re rotten.


So if you have some cash to spare

And want to create a party,

A gathering of followers

To press your point so smartly


Better still than politics,

Just hire a huge, big hall,

Invite, get drunk, reveal the warts.

We’ll all have such a ball.


Then in the light of fulsome day

We may not all be tricked

By class of one, not political,

Just a self-motivated prick.


At least, we then will all have had

At your expense and call

One night of mediocre recompense

Before being screwed against a wall


Of blank distrust, of hardened glare,

Of blind, blighted self-belief.

At least, well, I’m supposing,

That may give citizens some relief.


To know that if we put our cross

Next to your little name

And you become a big, fat loss,

We’ve only ourselves to blame.


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