For every moment there is a rightness;

Sometimes that moment is now.

For every question there is an answer;

Sometimes that question is, ‘how?’

For every problem there’s a solution,

Though sometimes found without aim.

For every man there’s a woman;

Sometimes the question’s the same.


No Coincidences

Serendipity, synchronicity,

Call it what you will.

When stars collide in heavens,

Halt and feel the chill.

It happens for a reason,

I’m pretty sure of this.

Like meeting for the first time,

Sharing that first kiss.

The strangest interaction,

When life blows you clean away

And all that once seemed normal

Now holds little sway.

Collision course in heavens,

For spirits in the night, who

May, someday, meet upon the earth

And everything feels so right.

Nothing comes from nothing

But so does everything.

Matter matters, spirit matters,

The joy that both may bring.

So question not when fate decides

To throw a spanner in the works

And stops your little factory.

It could just be good luck.

But one day soon, eventually,

The plan may realise

The best for you, you never knew.

It all may make you wise

In world and spirit happenings

Where some things you think you fear

Until the day it hits you. Wham!

And makes everything crystal clear.


Yet again, Mark, you got me thinking through the night. 🙂