Legends In Lost Valley

Petrified in valley of the lost

like legends stood

Mutations of the mountains harboured

nothing that was good

Spat forth for a vengeance

from the bowels of the earth

Practised patience outwith time

awaiting secret birth

To ponder into places where no man

knew their name

To mix and match and mortify

heartless just the same

As when erupted from the fire

secreted way down deep

Sadists raised, sadistic birthed

humanity to reap

See them, hear them, guess their names

spot them in your lives

Could be neighbour, brother, child

could be someone’s wife

Loiter in the valley still

changing as they must

See all evil, do all evil

undermine all just

Petrified though once they were

characters of stone

Hills will call them back in time

to answer and atone


Recurring Dreams

I have recurring dreams.

One involves a house. It’s not always the same house but I know it’s where I live. Doors figure largely in these houses and dreams. I’m always coming across new doors in unexpected places, opening them and being delightfully surprised at what lies within.

The houses are always large, sprawling affairs with corners and corridors and annexes everywhere.

Last night ( well, 5a.m. when I got back to sleep!) I had another of my house dreams. As usual, it was a large house on many levels. I was speaking to my husband in one of the rooms then went to the lowest level of the house to lock up.

One of the main exterior doors had no key though and I was worried that I couldn’t lock it. Then realised it wouldn’t make any difference anyway because the wood of the door was so weathered and damaged, anyone could gain entry easily with a firm push.

I didn’t know what to do so I went out of the door to the outside where gardens and hedges and paths lay and found my way round to the other side of the house and walked in another door.

I found my husband there and told him about the damaged door with no key and that I’d also noticed a few shutters on windows were blowing in the wind. He sighed and told me not to worry, that he’d fix them eventually. When I queried about what could happen in the meantime he told me to stop worrying.

I went back to the broken door to see if I could secure it in some way but went out of it again and, once outside, found myself looking in loads of cupboards and drawers. I was inside one of these cupboards when an old friend of ours came rushing past and I shouted on her.

She said she had come looking for me as she had overnight visitors and needed to borrow some bedding. And why didn’t I come on over because I knew these people too. I said no but she could borrow what she needed. I started pulling out blankets and sheets, she found a canopy that was in pieces and I shoved all the bits of that back into a drawer. And off she went.

I woke then.

I’m pretty certain I know what the significance of this dream is. I don’t need an analysis so don’t bother. But you could take part in a poll. It’s my second one. You may select up to three options. Or not. Up to you. 🙂


Honed to perfection,

Sharpened to a point,

Clear as running water,

Honest words anoint


Giver and receiver,

Taken to the heart.

Truth will set you free, they say,

Let utterances impart


Comfort to the wounded,

Insights to the blind,

Love revealed, in lightness,

Salving every mind.


Maybe not so serious,

Some laughter and a smile,

Some rectitude for what’s not good

Can make it all worthwhile.


A simple plan to ease the pain,

Honour where it’s due,

Sincerity in all we say,

Trust may thus accrue.


And with that trust comes something else,

A bolder way of being,

Intuitions and perceptions

Help with all we’re seeing.


No magic in the formula,

No poison pen of ink,

Simplistic, fair and genuine

Streamlines how we think.


Much easier then if words are real,

Honest, forthright, strong.

Confusions end, paths made straight,

Minds suffer if they’re wrong


In thinking what another says

Is somehow meant for them.

Care in how we phrase ourselves

May nullify the pain.


Losing in translation,

A risk we have to take,

But clarity, corrections made,

Of openness partake.


Undiluted, concentrate,

Speak as how we feel,

Remembering that hurts are wrong,

Help each other heal.