Time Unknown

Oh, mystery and intrigue just after midnight,

Arriving just as chime of twelfth ends day,

Beckons new arrival under covers,

Awaits till sleepers rise to enter fray,

Into what’s unknown in all tomorrows,

Pending, abundant, at last strike,

The second that one ends and time begins again,

Oh, mystery, intrigue, new day on night.


Stone Hearts

Out from the core

squeezed stone hearts,

so heavy of feet,

Lumbered on forward,

pumping and pounding, expounding

irregular beat.

Into the cities,

forests, villages,

the glens,

Trudging their muck,

gravelling paths

as they went.

New tablets hewn,


natural will,

Passed to the future

legacies voided

then stilled.

Surveyed, as proprietors,

creative accountancy


Despoiled, exhausted,


hidden inside.

Back to their bothies,

striding inwards

shelter’d from storm,

Trolls suited


awaiting new time to be born.