Lucy’s Light

Johnny and I have been working together again on a new song. I hope you like it. Merry Christmas everyone!

I’ll shatter the dark for you,

Paint your world with colours, you’ll see

Saffron, crimsons and blues,

Only my light can imbue

Treasures I hold for you,

Galaxies far, we’ll go seeking new stars,

I’ll open it all up to you.

Shimmer on oceans and shores,

All of this and much more,

Vision and sight, I will give you my life,

With me all this is in store.

Rainbows I’ll paint for your taste,

No light of mine will I waste,

Travel with me, hold on tight,

We’ll journey out into space.


Secrets shared for your grace,

Hold on while I lead the chase,

Nothing comes closer than Lucy at light speed,

I’ll keep you close by in my race,

Moons I’ll bathe with my dust,

All of this when you trust,

Radiant light, I will give you my sight,

If you’ll give me shelter and love.

Comfort when we’re side by side,

No need for our love to hide,

We’ll be united if you’re quite decided,

Night and day, we’ll abide.


I’ll shatter the dark for you,

Paint your world sky blue,

Give my light for the sights of your life,

With me you’ll see that it’s true,

Secrets we hide in space

Revealed when we’re in the race,

Hold on tight for the ride of your life,

Night and day now embraced.

Lucy is here by your side,

Come quickly, you must decide,

Look for me near, I am always right here,

Get ready for the ride of your life.

Harlequin Lost

Right, I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone here so behave yourselves, you hear.

A few weeks ago I wrote a poem/song entitled ‘Harlequin‘ that Johnny Ojanpera read and liked. As it happens, he had just written a piece of music entitled ‘Lost’ and thought it would make a good background to a spoken piece.

Well, my weans, being who they are, said I sounded soft reading to music. I took that to mean like Telly Savalas talking along to the picture song. You know the one I mean and I can’t be jacksied looking it up. So many insertions to make here as it is.

So I’ve ended up doing a sung version of my poem adapted to fit the length of the wonderful music Johnny so generously provided, just one of the many beautiful pieces he has composed.

If you think you may have preferred the Telly Savalas version after hearing this, tough! Be thankful you didn’t get the video version. 😛







A Touch

Your lulling touch left me waiting for more
As the beggar longs for warmth within
Have me back in your gaze tonight
Seeing through my shallow heart
Live inside my pained eyes
Silence my hunger
Touch me again
My request
Is you
We are
Me in you
Our souls imbued
Intertwining dance
Caressing your heart; feel
Melding heavenly essence
The howl of nature’s decadence
Rising through desirous ecstacy

~Johnny and Lisa Ojanpera

Underground Energy

Hi Scottishmomus Readers,


Jjjj-1   My name is Lisa. I run a blog land called Underground Energy and I am the next  guest to post in the land of Anne-Marie. In my land, we discuss life in general and  in depth, sideways and from the bird’s eye view; even upside down. I’m married  to Johnny Ojanpera, so many times our blogs overlap. Sometimes, it’s even funny,  as we each run a “secret” tabloid on the other.


Anyway, I was in deep thought today and my mind did some pond wandering to  wolf packs, which got me to thinking about the people I hang out with, or my  wolf pack. Because in my land we are all wolves. You see, my wolf pack is a pack  of lone wolves. Yes, you heard me correctly. We are indeed a pack of lone wolves.  For some reason or other, each of us has had to take a path that has been pretty  isolated.


So, when the Hopi elder gave the advice that everyone should have a pack, we did the only thing lone wolves could do. We started a pack of lone wolves. We had some issues to work out. Negotiations that we had to naturally come to terms with over such a suggestion of being part of a pack. It was rather absurd at first. We actually enjoy being in silence, alone, together. Yes, alone together, that is the simplest way to describe it.


I think the hardest part of being in our wolf pack is setting a pace that is good for everyone, but eventually we come to terms and then we are a well oiled machine.Screenshot_2014-04-01-09-17-00-1


Oh, we also write fiction, poetry, novels,op-eds, the occasionally conspiracy theory, bitch about the world’s problems, mental problems, pretend to portal to other worlds, draw, paint, write music, sing, dance, laugh, take photographs with the occasional photo war, raise children and have animals as friends. Oh!, and we have a weekly music theme.


Disclaimer: Sometimes the trees are upside down in our world. Writers, I swear, always coming up with shit that isn’t there. 😉


Thank you,

Lisa Ojanpera


“Coming together is a beginning;
keeping together is progress;
working together is success.”

Thank you,


You can also find us on Love Songs and Mood Swings