Ha Ha! Different Strokes

Rise to conquer mighty when such fallen

Bequeath a legacy disdained by all,

Promulgations errant, contemptuous,

While vilifying poorest when they fall,

Guilty of a sin so much the greater

For in greed they measure parity of law,

Where need may criminalise the latter

Connections in the city favour flawed.

Austerity of measures, quoth the parties

While other parties play, committing fouls,

Running rings around the bastions,

A nod, a wink, their penalty, these fowls

Flock together, party on, still launder,

Evade their dues, know their system well,

Blame populace and global economics,

The graphics prove where guilty dwell.

One for all, if mitigation,

Let it be because compassion speaks,

Recognisant, sometimes valid reasons,

Current practice serves the corporate not the weak.


Tax Evasion versus Benefit Fraud

Different laws for different people,

Different strokes for different folks,

Loaded dice in this monopoly

Get out of jail free card – see the joke?



So, here’s a joke for you.  I was sharing this in a comment with a fellow blogger. Thought you might like it too. Laughter. Good for the soul, you know. And, apparently, it can help you sleep……

A mother is concerned at the disparity between the personalities of her twin sons. One is an eternal optimist, the other a complete pessimist. She wants to find out why so trots them off to a child psychologist who speaks to both boys. At the end of the session, he tells the mum to bring them both back on their next birthday. He’s asked them both what they would like.
She returns with the boys on their birthday and the psychologist takes the pessimistic child into a room, a room full of every type of toy he had mentioned. The child’s response? ‘Not really what I asked for. That’s the wrong kind of bike. I wanted a BMX. I don’t like the colour of that computer. It all sucks.’
Oh dear.
The second – optimistic – child is taken to a room where an enormous pile of shite lies steaming. The boy dives into and starts throwing it here, there and everywhere.
The psychologist is horrified and asks desperately, ‘What are you doing?!’
To which the child replies, ‘This amount of shite! There’s gotta be a pony in here somewhere.’

Ta da! Like? I love it. It kinda describes differences in my own offspring. ;) x