Hope Sings And Dances



Hope springs eternal in the fields where freedom grows

Gushes forth forever and, with liberty, it flows

It dances and it frolics while it buds and builds anew

Pleasures in the pastures where the words are strong and true

It glories in a garden that will always foster fair

Edifying, magnifying, everyone who’s there

It weaves and wanders wondrously, pervading every dream

Paves the way with petals that are always what they seem

It does not lie to have its way, though despairing may accuse

For it’s allied with the future and a world it won’t abuse

Hope springs and dances for the right to live again

In the hearts of all who seek it and feel its longing pain

Hope smiles and witnesses, will not abandon you

But dances still because of life and dreams it won’t eschew

Remember, in that garden, there is room for all who see

That winter cedes to spring that blooms each and every year

We nurture it and take it with us everywhere we go

And tag the dancers, one and all, so hope its seeds may sow

With hope that never dies a death, for eternally it springs

We build a world that starts, right here, where hope will dance and sing

Give hope a voice that reaches far and fills the hills and glens

A voice that touches one and all, transforms their lives and then

Let hope be in the notes of every song it can conceive

From island homes to city streets for, with hope, we may believe

So when hope asks for permission, for it never will impose

Let all who hear the voice of hope sing all the songs hope knows

And so it goes….

The plans changed.

We adapted.

That’s life.

Six became four,

then five,

by technology.

Presence begat


Two absent by



Seven embraced nine,

then many.

Growing conversation

included the world,

its entirety,

its meaning,




and realities.

And realities of conspiracies.


Gallons of humour.


of laughter

and understanding.

Hugs and kisses of short farewells

and longer journeys.

Dismissives of maternal worry

enclosed in comprehensive travelogues.

Tickles of

tender teasing,

rude, graphic, enacted





My family.

More growth.

And so it goes.


Freedom! he cried,

Or so the film said.

In legends and myths

Our heroes are made.

And they die.


By peace and resistance,

Gandhi’s evocation.

In love and by actions,

Recreate nation.

And we live.


By power and mistrust,

Dictators’ lips spoke such words.

Vilify, conquer,

Hand to the sword.

And we hate.


Love one another

As I have loved you,

Messianic message.

Nothing more true.

And we love.


What lives on in legend

And myths we espouse

Are the ideas and concepts

That build each new house.

We create.


Freedom, no myth,

For with free will we’re born

Tho’ in life, servitude

Snips until shorn.

But we hope.


Hope in our freedom,

A liberty voice,

Our actions, our words,

Heroic choice.

For we are.

Lies and Damnable Lies

Hands tight, legs bound,

Mouth gagged for submission,

Bondaged, by no self-request.

Nations tied to economy’s curse,

Answerable, to another’s behest.


One proud, one small,

One weak, one tall,

Taller, tallest, best.

Perceiving self-aggrandizement,

As Nature’s kind bequest.


Looking down from tower height

At others far below;

Insect-like, they scurry hither,

As if they do not know.


But others do. They see the lies,

That power, too, is curse,

That attitude to weaker states,

Leaves others so much worse

In choices that they have for life;

Children, husband, family, wife,

Exempted from inclusive share

Of earth’s bountiful supply.

And some will question, why?        


They have this right to gaze ahead

And see a world where land is bled,

Resources taken for others’ good,

Not shared,

As if in brotherhood.



The ties that bind do not oppress

The mind or spirit, in duress;

A glow of hope remains in breast

And some will strive to do what’s best,

To look behind the mirrored wall

And see the puppeteers that call

The tune, to such as we –

Eyes raised, to heaven, pleading for

All peoples’ liberty.