Twenty-six years is a snap.

Half of my life is a snap.

Snap! Snap! Say it quickly.

Years flash by just like that.


Now, half of my life I’ve been married,

The other half, where did it go?

I remember it all like yesterday.

Yet, it’s half my lifetime ago.


The last twenty-six is a blur,

Made of loving and children and hope,

But, it’s flown by so quickly without me.

It’s recorded mostly in note.


More than half of my life is gone

In a snap, two times twenty-six years.

If the rest is as speedy as that was

I’ll be reflecting only with tears


For all of the times that I wasted

All the occasions I lost in despair.

For my failures, regrets and confusions.

All the times when I was not fully there.


The rest of my life is before me,

All of those days lie ahead.

If God grants me more time to live them,

I’ll count the minutes and hours instead.

Cory Monteith

My daughter asked me to write something that matters to her.

As it happens, this also matters to me.

Another child lost from life.

Thirty-one years is a babe.

Too young.

Too little.

Too late.

A face known to me by my children,

A voice, a smile, a song,

Talented, tormented and toppled,

Searching for far too long.

‘I’ve got the rest of my life to be a grown-up

And, for now, it’s ok to be young’,

Choices, drugs and pressure.

A life where the song has been sung

Conception to Birth

Bounteous bosom,

Welcoming womb

A fruit beginning to grow.

Love that engenders,

Is thoughtful and tender

Gives the seed only one man can sow.

Patience enduring

Caresses so soothing

Chill water to temper the brow.

Gravity forcing,

Muscles contracting

See the child, see the here, see the now.

No Regrets

Ponder those moments

Gone, not forgotten

Smile at the memories they bring

Cry when you’re happy

Laugh when you’re sad

Try your best just to sing –

Of hope and of wonder

Of faith and of love

Of joy sent from God

In awe of above.

Hindsight, a tool

To reflect what a fool

Regrets of life that is past

Today is pneumatic,

Energetic, ecstatic

Feel the force, feel the drive,

Make it last.


Tips to tantalise

Web to weave, these

Silken threads

That bind to please.

Honeyed centre

Sweet allure

A bite of love from

One impure.


Drawn by,

A morbid glance,

A wish to die.

Blood withdrawn

Now life does wane;                                

Sweet release,

A welcome pain.