The Sweetest Revenge


The Sweetest Revenge




And true?

One man

Loved a woman

This woman was you.

He wooed you

And won you

And called you his own.

He lay down beside you;

Your body, his throne.

Your fortress, his treasure.

Your lips,

His reward.

One facet elusive

One wonderful


His lines

He had spoken

His words were not true

Your heart he had broken

This woman was you.

The psyche that is sorrowed

When words are two-faced

Mourns tears of regret

And weeps for disgrace.

A mire of destruction

Wades woefully near.

Risking new fate

Fills the wound with true fear.

A soul in the night

Reaches out for new love

The cry of the anguished

Is heard on above.

A new spirit travels

On destiny bound

Seeks out his true lover

In you, he is found.

Healing ensues

With ecstasy won.

The sweetest revenge

Is a happiness song.