Eyes Locked

Ask me if,

In fantasy,

I find

Some grateful


Go on.

I’m still waiting……

OK, I’ll tell you,

A secret

I am living.


When cares of day



And bills

Are mounting high,

I close my eyes

And recollect

When there was

Just we two.

And sigh…


For all the days

When loving


In sensuous

Of wonder,

When clothes were torn

And eyes

Locked, fixed,

And hands grew

To push asunder



Closet thoughts,

Portraits of



Where neither


What was entailed

In loving

And in living,


Where meekest souls,

Naïve in ways,

Fuelled future,

Died, emerged,


Ending days

In loving arms.

Ecstasy in reality,


Felt forlorn


Go on, now,

I’m asking you,

Tell me,

What would

Your pleasure be?

To stray or fix

Your eyes on one

Who has loved

And still

Loves today?


I’m sure there are some fantasies

I ought to put aside,

To free my mind from imagery

I keep down deep inside,

But sharing them, in actions,

All for the one I love,

I feel this is a gift I’m given,

Imagination from above.


A Life Well-Lived

Pope John Paul II

What more to wish

A life well-lived

A beacon in the night

A man of honour, justice, truth

A bright and guiding light.

What more to wish

A life well-lived

Courage and fortitude

A man of wisdom in God’s ways

Holy – simply good.

What more to wish

A life well-lived

An example to Mankind

Teaching, loving, suffering

God’s path in life to find.

What more to wish

A life well-lived

Honour where it’s due

He took his cross and carried it

For all – that’s me and you.

What more to wish

A life well-lived

God’s truth here to impart

To reconcile and show the way

To heal the human heart.

What more to wish

A life well-lived

To love and serve Our Lord

To lead Mankind to peace on earth

And lead us to our God.

What more to wish

A life well-lived

Has found its own reward

To rest beside his Mother

In the presence of Our Lord.

What more to wish

This life now gone

His example is not lost

His beacon shines, God’s peace to all

Mankind can count the cost.

What more to wish

If only this

His ways become ours too

Faithfulness, love and sacrifice

More we cannot do.





Waiting to grow.


Hardly stopping

Plunging ahead.

Seeing without seeing.

Angry at life’s barriers.

Heated in activity,

Quarrelsome with everyone,

Hating the world.

Pulling at adult strings,

Piercing loving hearts.

Cradles,empty of the child.