Magic And Miracles

who has time for magic that needs spelling


more meaningful

have power

who has time to wait till cauldron bubbles


don’t need minutes

or vague hours

miracles can happen in a moment

a gasp of breath

to question

is this real

puffs of smoke


still gather

while magic takes some time to set its seal

who really wants to hear

the witches’ cackle

the haggard breaths and warts

that spell their names

one drop of faith

the potion is as potent

magic happens, daily,

just the same



hold the universe

it daily wakens

within your hands

it’s there to weave all spells

all power bestowed in fragments

all components

a legacy of magic 



Black And White

Clothed in bridal white, adorned,

Into misted woods,

Centred in the circular,

Vacantly she stood,

Awaiting fate, whatever hailed, thru

Wraith apparelled filter’d trees,

Wisps, through leaves, on silenced wings

Descend, she falls to knees,

Begs inside, a heartfelt prayer,

Though motionless her lips,

Redemption sought for all she’d wrought,

But terror tightly grips

Around and in and through her soul,

Stanching earthly breath,

Widened eyes and strangled moan

Survey an early death.

Dry her eyes, her mouth, her tongue

Cleaves inside, no sound

Could plea for mercy to this fate,

No soul for miles around.

Swoons to floor, soft carpet there

Of verdant life in form

Surrounded oval, toadstools share

Protection from all harm.

Returned to life, spectres depart,

Arrested in the glade,

Fey to foe, white magic saves

Hand of elven maid

Betrothed, from birth, to only one,

Composites compounded,

Separated by the vanquished

Now confused, confounded.

Dream walker sleeps from long ago

Wanders where she’s led,

Awakes unto her destiny,

Intended faerie bed.

If, in dreams, a voice calls forth,

Distresses nightly prayer,

Remember magic of the night,

There’s black and white to spare.



potion poured on fire,

fan the flame,

prep for incantation,

chant one name

boughs asigh, acquiver

body blows,

 breaking bones deliver

sensual throes




neck veined to skies




frenzied cries


to white moon







glancing glint,

suffusion, razor’d gore.

tomorrow’s spell

bespoken, more in store

Only Midnight


midnight blue can hold the whispers

uncensor silence blown

on starry shore


midnight voice

refrains the verses

on mingled breath, holds promises of more


midnight dreams, suppressed in passive

subdued, receptive to the

midnight clock


in the midnight

witching hours, can magic

weave its spell, two hearts unlock


witches sing

their midnight chorus

plying charms in uplit cloudy night


on the midnight

brooms, flight enchanted ,

do dreams and spells converge in dead of night.


heed to

 midnight’s incantations,

enraptured time, all eras decree so


pass this way

if in your dreaming

dart of loving hex you need to throw


blue wands of enchantment


casting my stars,

impassive arc, these

rippling waves



 lunar bow,



of divinity,

wielded power,

reclaimed in rainbow bright

From The Pyre

fuelled passivity

binds the broken dreams,

despoiled wonderland

screened with silent screams.

shifting visions,

inviolate by turns

corrupted carcasses

pyrotechnic burns.

into the west they sail,

fey folk flock like fauns,

unseeing eyes

perceive departing forms.

pink horizon beckons

from pallid fetid flesh,

embark with dreamers to

new soul journey quest.

emblazoned pendant flies

at mast of glory height,

depicting hope at last

from earthbound endless fight.

work the firecrackers,

dazzle with display,

circus pomp or pride,

illusions of the day.

slumbered eyes may view,

through sulphur’s smoky plumes,

radiant new dawn

in ship’s departing spume.

where the fey folk fled,

in dreamers’ rested lands,

there all dreams abide

for restless, yearning hands.

catch the dreamers’ form,

weave the golden net,

where the magic lives

we dwell in unforget.

Tell Me About It

A plough drags stars across firmament’s field,

Occasionally drops one, so Heaven may yield

A soul on the earth that once lit up the night,

Now cascades brightness and life-giving light.


Tell me about it, these magical ways,

How earth meets the heavens and wonder portrays.

Tell me about it in songs that you sing,

In stories once written to entertain kings,

In poems and in quotes that entertain all.

Tell me about it, these words so enthral.


A trawler drags nets through oceans and seas,

Harnesses life from the depths to release

A multitude of dreams and millions of wishes

Of a world where mermaids live, conversing with fishes.


Tell me about it, these magical ways,

How minds mingle with folklore and nights become days.

Tell me about it in pictures and books,

In animations and films I once mistook

As reality melded with poetic allusion.

Tell me about it, wondrous dreams of confusion.


A jet drags clouds from Olympus’ peak,

Reveals gods and goddesses playing chess and who speak

To a world of mere pawns in a royal array,

Defending battles that rage, all part of the play.


Tell me about it, these magical ways,

How heaven, earth and oceans intermingle in plays.

Tell me about it, the comic and sad,

Tragedies and fantasies, some semblance of mad

Influence from lunar, the tricks of the mind.

Tell me about it, we’ll seek and we’ll find.


 Garner your dreams, let spirit drag

Through mind, soul and ether, all memories you’ve had.

Mix the concoction as a magical potion,

Spread it on thickly, full of flighty emotion.


Tell me about it, I love all that stuff.

Of flight, love and fantasy, never enough.

Tell me about it, imagination unfold,

In mind and in spirit may we never grow old

Though in body we rest as the years take their toll.

Tell me about it. Dreams are our goal.

Flight Of Fancy

Hold my hand in yours, I pray

And lead.

Take a journey, two as one,

I plead.

Risk route of peril,

Passengers are we,

Driven on by

Flights of fantasy.

Jeopardy in all

Life’s daily trials,

Menace, threats,

Danger fuels the miles.

No gamble leads to no




Flying carpet

Weaves a pleasured passage,

Riotous ride

On gilded comfort carriage.

Crossing skies in cloudless

Endless night.

Stars sail by,

New moon reflects delight.

Sparkling eyes reveal

A gloried heaven

Lovers’ kiss received with delectation

And so given.

Ventures always

Vie with failure’s chance,

Staking nothing

Regrets the backward glance.

Fanciful, this graceful

Flying pleasure,

Imagination stores in chest

All hidden treasure.

Casting coins of custom

Far below,

Pearls and diamonds

Cascade, anarchic flow.

Reach out your hand

And grasp the reins of magic,

Hand clasped in mine,

No voyage lost to tragic.

All dreams, caprices,

Fancies do abide

Enchanted castles scaled

With you here at my side.

The Dragon’s Gift

A fire burns

Within this cave

And sulphur

Fills the air.


Through the mire,


The dragon’s lair


Where slumber’s rest

Holds still

His breath, flame now

Quietly quenched.

Wait, survey,

A quiet snore,

Now the time

To wrench


One scale from tail

Of beast of lore

Bless’d magic,

Glitter’d gem

Holds promise of


To brave only,

It is given.


Sahm’s idea of a dragon paves the way.