Moving On

Eyes open.

Mind wide.

Look beyond,

Seek and find

A path,

A way,

A cause for today.

A reason to live

A motive to give

A care for this life,

A purpose

To strive.

A key to the future

A lock to the past

A reason to run

A flag up the mast.

Those hurts

That lie in the past,

See the future,

Let those memories rest.

Gazing and searching

For reasons for that,


Coffin and nail;

Dwelling on pain,

A source for relief;

Feel the anguish,

The hurt

Then relinquish the grief.

This life is for living

With purpose

And meaning,

With joy for

The very air we are breathing.

All this, so easy to write,

‘Here’s my hurt, see my pain,

Hear my plight’.

All of us fear

And hurt

And despair

The answers we seek

Do not lie back there

In a world

That is gone

Can’t relive

Be undone.

Shout out,

Seek the help that we need

Cry and

Let our hearts bleed.

Then move to the present,

The here and the now,

Begin a new day

Where past is just that,

Gone not forgotten

But experiences, rotten,

And dwelt on,

Taint the life

That we still have

To live.



There is forgetfulness

And negligence

There is hurt

And there is pain

There are wounds that cut so deeply

And will cut you time again.

There are memories

Of kisses

And cuddles

Full of joy

There is happiness

And hopefulness

For each girl and every boy.

There are wishes

That you make for them

And plans

That go astray

There are times

Of great futility

And ones of fun and play.

They leave you

And you wonder

If all you’ve done

Was right

If the scoldings

And the loving

Were really worth the fight.

There are times

You only see the face

Of the child

You held so dear

There are times

You see the person

And they fill your heart with fear.

There are times

When being a mother

Is a gift

From up above

When all that is


Is the gift of so much love.

But in all the times

Of wonderment

In all the times

Of pain

Remember please

Dear Mum of ours

That you are loved

Time and time

And time