Big Bit Beautiful

Recent hist’ry, further back,

Nothing born of chance,

Entwine threads and treasures found,

Conjoined in life’s dance.

Ghosts of words, mem’ries bound,

Ugly turns to dust,

Ethereal, spiritual, one love

In which we trust.

Haunted notes from music box,

Motes that swirl from lid

Raised reveal of velveteen,

Box’d coffin where we hid.

Hand to cover, prised, released,

Hinges rusty creak,

Ballerina, beautiful,

Pirouettes, she speaks,

Seeks the treasure,

Finds and shares,

Gifted girl, soul-gowned,

Energy with him reclaimed,

Twin-tuned from Underground.


Random click on open mail,

A moment glimpsed in time,

Comment came from words read there,

Here developed as I find.

Grave reminders, must we all

To humility subserve,

But, building up and strengthening,

Big bits of beautiful, all deserve

A second song from music box,

Reminders when we fall,

Composition, love created,

Biggest beautiful of all.



Egrets To Lions

So falter wings in earthly graven state,

Tarred those feathers; glued by base endeavour.

Transcendence beckons still at heaven’s gate,

Lamentations lost beyond forever.

Deny the lie that floats on surface seen,

While sonar echoes muted far below.

Fowl of seas and all living in between

Cast off the nets, surfactant bubbles blow.

Puddled splashes, a permit to enjoy,

Though shallow’d pools hide relinquished ocean.

Submersion energising; to employ

Depth charge in propulsion, an explosion

To electrify Aurora’s ions.

Aerate atmosphere, egrets to lions.

Sun Dance

Words are playing in my head

And writing them down is a way

To empty my brain

And find relief from all said

But the words trouble

And scare and berate

Is it too late?

Admonishment and promise exist

In harmonious fulfilment.

Hope arises.


Times ahead

Known when seen

Vast oceans of darkness 

And flood

To test and tempt

Wonder at on earth

And above

Angels quake at

Anger and fierce



Rainbows of hope

Messages too subtle

Await anew


 A double-edged sword

A message for three

And the sun knows

And sees and shows

North, South and round

Dance, bask and grow

Our light from the light

Be advised




We Come

We don’t come to bring you down.

You do that to yourselves.

Travellers here from far-off lands,

Others follow,

There are plans


You’ll never know.

We won’t tell all

Till passing time reveals.

The nature of our purpose here

Travel, space conceals.


Treasures hidden in the stars


Vacuum, space.

No, we don’t come to bring you down.

You do that as a race.


We don’t settle once we come.

Ephemeral passing,

Little here to seek.

We, as voyeurs, write the heavens.

Chaos and cosmos speak.


We don’t bring censure,


That’s not for us to try.

Mere observations for firmament’s

Unfolding, endless sky.

History Rewritten

Diamond hard scoring glass,


On fragile,

Tally the marks leaving

Goals scored,


Nothing won,

Only grieving.


History written,




Lessons learned,


To be learned.



On pages.

Living on

In memory,

In mind.

Newer truths,

Better ways,

Some hope

To find.


No answers

But questions



Is it time?

Not yesterday,

Nor tomorrow

But now?


Ways forward,

New paths,

Roads untravelled

To seek


A road map,


To speak


With honesty,





Always present,


Cease duress.


Who writes the pages?

Is it Time itself

Or we who

Do not speak

While invisible hands

Etch future,

Ignore past,

Encode only bleak?


New history



For ages


Present, Future,

Different story,

Fresh pages.

An Angel’s Healing

Through clouds of dismal darkness

Hiding clustered starry sky,

Soft feathered wings beat fearlessly

To end the reason why

A heart once melted fears to face

The rising sun again

Till remoulded into human form

By healing drops of rain.

Winged wonder pierces cloud formations

And lets such raindrops fall

To heal poetically and beckon,

Arisen to the call,

A dreamer’s sleep so well disturbed,

In tune to mystic message,

Sighs softly in her mended heart,

Unites in heavenly passage.