Failure To Transmit


Main job,

To question and inform.

Methodology almost immaterial

In raising awareness.


Only job,

To manifest love in the world.

Methodology immaterial.

One failed in its task.

Reasons immaterial.

Both fail regularly.

Excuses immaterial.

Failure to transmit.

A funny thing happened on the way to my life

Recently I was quietly working away at my computer, diligently delving into something important. I don’t remember what it was. But I had a sudden urge that forced me away from my computer and my oh so important work and into the kitchen. It was at that moment surrounded by my refrigerator and my stove that I suddenly wondered why I was there! Fortunately I was all alone and my stupidity was not apparent to anyone else. However I’m sharing it with you for one very important reason: it is happening to us all!

My mother referred to her momentary lapses of memory as her Senior Moments. My mother was entitled, she had been around for 89 years! That’s a whole lot of stuff to remember! I don’t have quite as much stuff oozing around my brain. I have not lived through a depression or a world war. I haven’t raised three children and saw the evolution of technology. But I still think I’ve got lots of stuff to remember. I had a wonderful childhood, I did the university thing and college. I have traveled and I have had boyfriends. Some were good, and some were bad. That’s the traveling and the boyfriends! But I am also significantly younger than 89 years.

As I was in the kitchen trying to remember what on earth I was there for, it struck me as quite funny. Three seconds later it struck me as quite sad. Since I’m a positive person by nature I went back to the funny. I maintain that the space between our ears is finite. As we gain new memories each and every day we need to delete some of the unimportant stuff in order to make room for the new stuff. Think of it as cleaning out your closet to make room for more shoes. I like that analogy. I like shoes.

I can remember so many incidents from my childhood that there are more than a few I would be willing to forget. I would even give up some of my memories from University. Actually there are some memories from University I would like to delete from the cosmos! Okay, but it was fun! Aren’t we all in the same boat? There are things we would like to forget and things we pray that we will be able to remember for the rest of our lives. I have a wonderful memory of kissing a boy at the edge of a lake under the moon on a warm summer’s night. I am so not giving up that memory!


Kinaesthetic Experience

I cannot touch your body,

So tactile sense is out,

But, visual, auditory,

Let’s me reach and feel about. 


Kinaesthetic reaching

And learning, not a chore,

A means of understanding,

The modern and folklore.


A touch, a taste, some sight and sound

And a smell would work just fine.

I’ve found all this in savouring

A glass of reddest wine.


Tasting of exquisite fruit,

Aromatic gurgled flow,

The deepest, darkest damson ripe,

Lifted delicately, just so.


It works for almost everything,

Try it and you’ll see.

Learning, truly learning,

Begins by sensing all we be.