As Lemmings

Some things I relinquish,

Like motorway driving –

I hate it.

But not love, never love.

Even when it hurts,

I rate it


As way up there

With angels

And such.

Fantastical, almost magical,

I love love

So much.


It’s a wonder,


A conundrum unsolved

But found,

Valued intensely,

In love, all absolved.


Unrequited, it sucks

And hurts,

Feel the pain.

Lovers fall,

From great heights,

Again and again,


Like suicide mission

Or lemmings

To cliff,

Thrown into orbit,

Glide momentarily

Then drift



Through space,

Before crashing, taking stock,

Splattered and battered

By love

On the rocks.


Some hurting

So keenly,

Formidably endure

But willing to

Test, to try

To ensure


New futures,


From love with a soul,

In searching,


Hope has a goal.



This feeling,

What it’s about,

Love and its merits

We sense,

Seek it out.


Be hopeful,


Strive to that end

In loving,


We find and we mend


In hearts

That once broken

A new dawn begins.

Love never ends,

It feeds

From within.


It travels

Through heavens,

Scopes out the land,

Seeks those in need,


Takes in hand


Till two are united

Hands reach,

Hearts on offer

To those,

Such as those,

Love will proffer


And soon,

Without looking,

Or searching too far,

Love’s endless journey


And our star


Is brightened,


By earthly endeavour,


By all willing,

Love savoured with pleasure.