Two Tides

There’s a pull from the moon,

As he’s smiling,

From the eyes

In the window of his soul,

There’s a mystery

He’s hiding, so beguiling,

Like he wants me

To swallow him whole,

So the light that he’s gathered

From the sun orb

Can be carried

Deep inside of me

And somehow, though

He’ll be trapped inside my person,

It will set our

Two tides free.



To The Moon And Back

Take me to the moon and back

But circle first around

Planetary orb in space

Where feet don’t touch the ground.

Gravitate miraculously

In floating, flighty station,

Falling endlessly through space,

Unperturbed elation.

Whisper softly, breathe no air,

Timeless travel, twain

Circumnavigate lunar globe

‘ere we part again.

‘Departing Geese’

Having another bash at Haiku

Here is the haiku to complete:

full moon of winter
departing geese


Full moon of winter

Astral alarm, solar sense,

Departing geese 

An Illicit Pleasure

Back and forth,

Up in the air,

Stomach somersaulting.

Stolen treats

On children’s swing,

Heart to mouth pole-vaulting.


Someone comes.

It’s not a kid.

The parkie’s on his way.

Jump off fast before you’re caught.

That really made my day.


Gasping air,

Knees to chin.

No wonder kiddies love it.

So much better being on board

Than standing by to shove it.