The Thrill

Bird in the sky

It’s a wide sky to fly out on your own here,

Kinda lonesome in a lovely sort of languid, lithesome way,

Like distance is no object on a clear day

And wings are happy just to flap away.

It’s a long time I’ve travelled on this journey,

Kinda ages since I roosted for a rest,

Like someone’s moved the landmarks without warning

But I’m happy doing what I do the best.

It’s the flight, you see, that really is the main part,

Kinda shooting breeze and riding currents fair,

Like flying without falling is my skill set

And nothing in this world can quite compare.

It’s the way I am, you know, I’m off the wire,

Kinda restless when I have to stay too still,

Like motion is my purpose and my meaning,

It’s a gift of wings and head for heights that thrill.


Poetry In Motion And Music

I came across this video as part of a comment here

A response to a very touching story.

And it is just too beautiful not to share. It has everything I love; desert, mountains, waterfalls, ocean, horses, height, depth, big cats, eagle, great voice, wonderful colours. Pretty much everything. Encapsulated in one video. And some fab dresses.

I tried to link it to the original commenter without success. His site is in Romanian and, although Windows translates, it was all taking so long that I gave up trying to find the original link. But, in between, I came across all sorts of other wonderful stuff. This guy has some great videos on here. Music to accompany visuals. The Blue Danube one was just gorgeous. A poet, music lover, football fan.       

I would like to invite both these gents, if they should wish, to select any and all awards from my awards page (I haven’t even updated it. My bad. Time, you know.) Anyway, no conditions attached. I just think they deserve them. So, feel free to claim whatever you wish. Two remarkable people.

It’s still amazing to me that people who have ‘liked’ my posts come from all over the world and I check them out and discover gems. That is amazing, isn’t it. Nothing lost in translation – well, not much- with translator. People are people are people the world over. Just goes to show, eh?