Tuning Senses

See the fire growing fom the ember barely there,

See the flames begin their dance again,

See them feeding oxygen, thirsting on the air,

See them leaping, fire renewed from pain.

See resplendent feathers, reflected in the dance,

See the plumage, see the wings, they spread,

See new life arising from the ashes, sparked of chance,

See the life exhumed, reborn from dead.

Hear the thrum of music, crackling from the pyre,

Hear the mystic voice of phoenix rise,

Hear the heat in visuals scorching from new fire,

Hear the silent message in her cries.

Feel impassioned purpose, senses tuned to glow,

Feel the power pulsing in its name,

Feel the fire of life coursing so we know,

Feel eternal light rebirthed from flame.




The Thrill

Bird in the sky

It’s a wide sky to fly out on your own here,

Kinda lonesome in a lovely sort of languid, lithesome way,

Like distance is no object on a clear day

And wings are happy just to flap away.

It’s a long time I’ve travelled on this journey,

Kinda ages since I roosted for a rest,

Like someone’s moved the landmarks without warning

But I’m happy doing what I do the best.

It’s the flight, you see, that really is the main part,

Kinda shooting breeze and riding currents fair,

Like flying without falling is my skill set

And nothing in this world can quite compare.

It’s the way I am, you know, I’m off the wire,

Kinda restless when I have to stay too still,

Like motion is my purpose and my meaning,

It’s a gift of wings and head for heights that thrill.


Constance moved by light of silver moonbeam,

Closed her eyes, face raised to the stars,

Danced a passion, wild, in throes abandoned

Paced her rhythm to a beat afar, 

Gave herself to sky and earth around her,

Hummed beneath her breath as on feet flew,

Elevated heartbeat kept the tempo

On heath and hills, in harmony, she grew,

Became the sky, the stars, the earth, the planets,

Became the dance, the heartbeat of the all,

Constance whirled and thundered voice at climax,

Believed the force around that to her called.

Constance fell and lay upon the summit,

The distance far below now too far gone,

She stilled the dance, the voice, exhausted, worn out,

Silenced heart attuned to severed song.

Thrummed the earth, a chorus deeply beating,

Constant in its whirling, in its turn,

Beat to beat the constant earth and Constance

Recommenced the dance and life went on.

Time and Tides

Seeping into pores,

Now joined with heartbeat,

Blood of oneness,

Child of globe, be blessed,

Ones communing,

Now alive in union,

Hear the whispers

Rising on the crest.

Undulating waves,

In tune with moonlight,

Tides of rapture,

Oceans spilling to the shores, decreed,

Blood and water,

Time and tides united,

Bands of brothers, sisters

Know they’re freed.