I hung around too long in tomorrow

awaited you in dated yesterdays

loitered on the cusp of nearly knowing

debated future’s past, dismissed delays

missed you moments melded into timeless

motility I rued and cursed the dream

fusion forced all time into the present

I’m stuck forever in a damned zone while

you’re lost to me in spatial time machine


I don’t get it either but it was a great movie. Anything with time travel in it has me losing a chess game in my head after the first couple of moves. Doesn’t stop me loving it though. 


Rocking Friday

I’m having a night off tonight, I am,

It’s been a long week at chalk face,

Cabernet Sauvignon’s ready to pour

And there’s a movie I’ll watch for his grace…

Not really a fan of blood and of gore,

Hallowe’en’s just really for weans,

But I’ll risk some vampires and hunters as well

For his eyes and a dose from his veins.

Van Helsing is playing tonight on the screen,

Well, really, it’s Hugh that I covet,

But at a pinch, I’ll put up with the blood,

Suck it up and hope that I love it.

I rarely do movies it has to be said,

Not much a fan of the box,

But with glass held in hand and feet on the couch,

I’ll suffer ‘cos Hugh Jackman rocks. 😉

Pinky Promise

My 24 year old daughter ended a text conversation by asking, ‘Pinky promise?’

She wanted to be reassured that everything was good at home because of a number of blips that have been going on.

I was able to text back, ‘Pinky promise.x’, with a smile.

It is one form of promise that all my children hold dear to.

And all because we saw it in a movie many years ago. And I can’t remember which one.

The older kids have passed it on to the younger ones and they all take it so sincerely. Me too.