Poetry In Motion And Music

I came across this video as part of a comment here http://ashiakira.wordpress.com/

A response to a very touching story.

And it is just too beautiful not to share. It has everything I love; desert, mountains, waterfalls, ocean, horses, height, depth, big cats, eagle, great voice, wonderful colours. Pretty much everything. Encapsulated in one video. And some fab dresses.

I tried to link it to the original commenter without success. His site is in Romanian and, although Windows translates, it was all taking so long that I gave up trying to find the original link. But, in between, I came across all sorts of other wonderful stuff. This guy has some great videos on here. Music to accompany visuals. The Blue Danube one was just gorgeous. A poet, music lover, football fan.


I would like to invite both these gents, if they should wish, to select any and all awards from my awards page (I haven’t even updated it. My bad. Time, you know.) Anyway, no conditions attached. I just think they deserve them. So, feel free to claim whatever you wish. Two remarkable people.

It’s still amazing to me that people who have ‘liked’ my posts come from all over the world and I check them out and discover gems. That is amazing, isn’t it. Nothing lost in translation – well, not much- with translator. People are people are people the world over. Just goes to show, eh?


Friday Fiction. http://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com/2013/10/09/11-october-2013/




Ghosts of ancient days linger, harkening to words long ago spoken. Poets and philosophers shaped the world then and delivered truths in Epidaurian splendour, extolling creation’s wonders. Restorative treatment for unsupported hearts that questioned our same beginnings. Spirits weep silent tears, unheard by those whose hearts are cold to musings.

With healing touch, new words are formed and man’s ailments find an echo in undiminished souls from theatrical beginnings.

A hush descends and even spectres bow to the new. One voice begins and lyrics swell poetically. No dissonant chords to haunt. Phantoms silenced by poetry, personified in the singer.

Music to Mate to

There is some that sets my feet to tap;

A beating bass or drum.

Very little kind of rap –

That really turns my tum.

Some send shivers down my spine,

My loins become a-quiver,

Those melodies that flow in time

Submerge me in their river

Of sensuous mood and poetry,

In sexual voice so clear,

Move heart and mind and soul in me

When loving one is near.

Caressing words stroke down my back,

Their meaning true and fluid,

No fantasies are found to lack,

Imaginations are imbued.

Floating in a sea of love

And lust, for some good measure,

Fingers light as any dove

Seeking others’ pleasure.

Melted in the moment of

Melifluous fantasy,

Music with the one I love

Does wondrous things for me.



Or is that too much information?

Self-taught, Well-taught

Is it the case, do you think, that those things we teach ourselves are often more important to us, and therefore more easily learned, than those lessons we learn elsewhere?

I have read 140 report cards from my own kids’ school lives so far. Only forty-four more to go.

They have varied in degrees of wonderfulness and, sometimes, I’ve shaken my head or my fist!

In those areas where they have real aptitude as well as a ‘good’ teacher, they have applied themselves and done well. In other areas, their responses to negative comments have been, ‘Well, he/she is a crap teacher,’ or ‘I hate that subject. Why do we have to take it?’ or ‘Mr./Mrs. So-and-So was off a lot and we hardly got taught anything, so it’s not really my fault.’

Ahem. Excuses, excuses.

Ok, sometimes, those things are true.

What amazes me, though, is the fact that, when they are interested in something – really interested – nothing prevents them from learning.

So, I have five children who are self-taught in guitar.

Six children who play chess well.

Six children who love dancing and will do so at the drop of a hat.

Seven children who are all adept at making home movies and editing the results to ensure maximum laughter.

Two children who can conjure up and proudly produce family meals that equal mine. (The others can cook but with varying results!)

Seven children who can paint and draw wondrous images.

Three children who compete with themselves for fitness and exercise.

One child who can tell you director, producer, actors and settings of every movie she analyses for fun.

Seven children who can find their way around every games console or computer programme they encounter.

The list goes on.

I don’t have 44 children, however the above reads.

I have seven and the range of their abilities astounds me at times. The most astonishing thing, however, is that those areas where they are self-taught are the ones in which they are really well-taught. Even if there has been some initial instruction. Their desire to do something well in an area they are fascinated by has been the pivotal drive in their successes.

Exam results not withstanding (and they have done well), I wonder what would occur in schools where more child-led learning occurred.

We’re making progress in some ways but I don’t think we’ve gone far enough yet to ensure that motivational learning leads the way.

Notes and Words

The piano plays its note anew

And seeks the scale that rings out true.

A strummer thrums a simple chord

One singer sounds a beauteous word.

Musician, tell us of your song

Of words of love and life and wrong.

Compress our hearts with stories true

Of magic, mystery and you.

Reveal your treasures with a voice,

Music, banish extraneous noise.

Soaring songs on wings of flight

Crescendo, passion, dawn and light.

Tempoed grace on ballet shoes

Orchestral movements trace the muse.

Notes and words together played

Soothing hurts and spirits flayed.

Music, majesty and more

In notes and words upon the score.