Greeting unexpected,


Smile a loud hello.

Then quickly recollect this one

Was from,

Oh, so long ago.


A different time, another life

When youth

Bound both together.

When talking never

Felt so strange,

We could chat about whatever.


Then something changed,

Indelibly imprinted,

Conversations to recall,

Remembrances of later days

Compared to when, no

Silence found at all.


Time. It changes everything.

Where once laughter

Fuelled our words,

Moments pass unnoticed,

Now smiling

Seems absurd.


No joy in happy memories

When awkward

Is about,

Tiptoeing thru’ thorn’d hedges,

Manic hilarity

Wants to shout


At loss of what was

So freely sought

And more than freely given,

Tongue-tied now

Creates, for some,

A hellish kind of heaven.


A purgatory of great unknowing.

Can road be traversed

Once again?

Or does what is past

Remain there dead, undead,

No more giving, no more given?


Some friends have gone

And lovers too,

Spouses, all those chosen,

When discomfiture steals

The heat from all, leaves

Hearts stiff and almost frozen.


Lapsed, neglected


From distant long ago,

Or stagnant pools of


Presented now may show


A failing sense of interaction,


Gone astray.



Relationships end this way.


Open windows, open doors,


And so aerate.

Open hearts  and open minds

Help to keep

All attachments great.


Video reading  Awkward