Aspirationally Organised

Do you have piles of mail lying around needing to be sorted? No? Good for you. I too would like to be that organised.

I am, what I like to call, aspirationally organised.

But some things! I mean, who wants to pore through piles of crap to get to the bits you need?

So much of what falls through the letter box is just mince.

Most of my important things are done online and I’ve opted not to receive paper billing and notifications by post. So email folders fill up with crap instead. But I file them. See. Organised. Then now and again I go through and dump what I don’t need to keep.

But I also have mail coming in for people that no longer live here. Weans!

So I keep it all until I take the notion to sit with the recycling bin and rip everything to shreds. Very satisfying it is too.

Then it all starts again. And I promise myself to deal with it as soon as it comes in. But I don’t. Aspirational you see.

Anyway, in my last video post I mentioned that one of the reasons that I don’t get round to doing awards is because my admin page looks a bit like my mail piles. Chaotic. I’m not great at categorising posts. Everything gets lumped under ‘thoughts’. Now and again I remember to file them under ‘poems’, ‘love’, etc. But not as often as I should.

The comments get archived. Then I can’t find which ones I need to refer to in order to recall who gave awards. And life is just too short to do these things. And I’m working. And I have weans. And I’m writing. And…..Och, you know. Life. And stuff.

Now, I subscribed to receive Daily Post from WordPress and, now and again, some of the things they publish to help bloggers I think, ‘That’s a good idea. Must save that.’ And I do. Then don’t do anything with them.

See, aspirational again.

But, I can feel spring round the corner. I can. It’s bright here. The days even feel slightly longer. I get all excited at the onset of spring. Like a wee chick just born and prepping to fly. OK. Maybe just a tad too excited there considering it’s still February.

But, I start to think ‘spring cleaning’. And ‘clear outs’. And I get quite pathetically enthusiastic about the whole notion of a clean sweep and new brooms. Getting the picture here?

So, I’m not cleaning the house. Don’t be ridiculous. It’s not spring yet.

But I’m going to attempt to use some of the advice given through the Daily Post.

One of them is to use shortcodes to organise posts and pages.

I sat for hours at it last night. I didn’t even get half way through changing the categories on all those (nearly 700 posts! Eek!) but I did not too badly. Then I set up new pages to pull together posts of a type.

Now I haven’t published them yet. Because I’m not finished.

But I’m a wee bit scared.

Whenever I have a purge of the household and clear out the debris I then find I need the bloody thing I’ve thrown out only a matter of days later.

I’m now shitting bricks here that if I do this wrongly – well there’s code involved! – my blog will disappear into the recycling bin!

And have I saved it anywhere? No. Can you save it anywhere? Buggered if I know.

So I’m treading cautiously here. Ripping up tiny bits of paper as it were. But not actually throwing it out yet.

An inherent risk taker I am not. So, if my blog disappears – is that even possible? – I’ll be starting from the ground up. You didn’t actually think I’d say goodbye, did you?

I’m probably fretting over nothing here. And WordPress has contingency plans for diddies who don’t know what they’re doing. Please say they have.

What I hope it means is that, older posts that I don’t necessarily want to reblog, will be more readily accessible on a given page along with more recent stuff. And readers can go, ‘Oh, I don’t want to read that shite. But this is my kind of thing.’

See, I’m doing it for you. Well, me too. Because I really need to get organised. And I’m feeling quite aspirational. 🙂


Now here is some weird shit. I published this. And got an email saying it was. Then I went in to change the letter J to a smile. Why does it do that? And, guess what? It was still in draft form. Unpublished. And this has happened before. This is what I mean. We just don’t know what’s going to happen when we hit ‘publish’. 😉