Courted By Terror

The following is a collaborative piece done with Simon over at

A fabulous poet with a flare for matching style and content.


Eyes open wide, I lie quite still

In nightmare’s frozen grasp

While chilling hands reach out to me.

In silence, I scream and gasp.


This latest victim gripped by fear

In night, my precious friend,

With stealth I move, ever close,

Another soul to tend.


Paralysed hold has made me bold,

My insides start to quiver,

Limbs cannot move to aid or flee

But tremors, inside, shiver.


I sense her terror, intoxicating,

A drug that spurs me on,

Her beating heart and panting breath,

To me, a siren’s song.


Only wakened eyes can see the one

And terror courts my soul,

While human manifested lust

Envelops body whole.


Revealed to her in gloried form,

Such fear so swift engendered,

Dark desires, so physical,

Soon powerfully rendered.


The fear, such fear, does haunt me still,

Suppressed as best I can.

This darkened lover in the night

Had not the face of man.


These glowing eyes of hellish depths,

Of fire and ice in fusion,

Drink in her form so prostrated,

From a face not one bit human.


At shudders end, I claimed my body

But sat up staring wide

Who had penetrated me, untouched,

But felt so deep inside?


Withdrawn from deed so darkly done,

My presence deep within

No touch of flesh so needed

To grant an inner sin.


I looked to see in mirror’s frame

And laughter I heard there,

A distant sense of eyes beheld,

Reaching from some lair.


I watch reaction from afar

As she stares at her reflection.

My wicked mirth I cannot hide

At our newly formed connection.


Molested by the darkest night

And darkest soul of all.

Orgasmic pleasure be subdued,

Temptation from the Fall.



Only thought existed

When the wave came – toe to head.

Limbs motionless,


Numb to movement.




Present and

In control.

And fear.

Such fear.

A mind to be lost


As with a soul,

If body has no control.

A thought occurs,

Grows stronger,

Repeated internally.


From head to toe.


Such relief.