Whisper It

Desiree was ‘forced’ into speculating on being cherished as well as being the one cherished. It has created something of a challenge on her page. These are mine.

Caring for me in a way that transcends self,

Holding me like letting go would be death,

Ending whatever you are doing

to take me in your arms when you see me.

Roaring with pleasure when our bodies meet in mind and soul,

Imagining the possibilities…then making them happen.

Showing me that nothing matters more than love.

Singing my name in your sleep,

Sending me into ecstasies of





Hearing, in

Heart and mind.


whisper it


Coming to you each time I hear your footfall,

Homing in to your scent,

Energising you with my love,

Relieving the strains of day,

Instilling confidence and self-belief.

Somehow winning your heart, though undeserving,

Seeing the love in my eyes,

Soothing hurts with a kiss,

Shouldering your burdens,

Hearkening when you call,

Halting everything to embrace ,

Healing your

Heart of everything that ever crushed.

whisper it


Measure Of The Man

Oasis in my desert

Water in my pool

Heat when I am frozen

Calm to keep me cool

Food to all my hunger

Water to my thirst

Supplying all the needs I have

Justice to my just

Wind and waves that crash to shore

Powering my turbine

Giving all you have to me

Guess that makes you mine

Friend in all my wilderness

Calm to windswept wild

Man to all my woman

Parent to my child

Needs all understanding

Friend to all who greet

Measure of the man in you

Strength with love so sweet