May Music, Day 6 – Best Friend

I saw my best friend at a bus station on the way to college for enrolment. We got on the same bus, each eyeing the other as if we had met before. When we both headed for the same place I made a point of speaking to her. I was 17 then. She has been and continues to be, a wonderful friend. The song I most associate with her is ‘Tapestry’ by Carole King. She too was a product of older siblings’ taste in music. And Nancy could sing this one beautifully. So, when Twindaddy asked which song we associated with our best friend, this one seemed perfect because that’s kind of what our life has been. I like to think that we all know that friendship.


We met before we met, I’m sure

you’ve met her,

checkpoint on the road I call my living.

Encountered once, you will

not forget her,

our threads are woven closely, stitched by giving.

 Like telepaths, we know when we are needed,

for friendship’s sake

we call and we are there.

One glimpse, one word was all it took

to feel it,

surprising meeting; starting with a stare.

 We must have known that time

would be a stranger,

in early days when talk was fast and true.

Chosen paths mean

frequency no longer

but still our hearts are bound and so pursue

 the knowing of the girl into the woman,


still held so very dear.

We met before we met, I’m sure

you’ve met her –

A friend of worth, inside, is always near.




School’s Out!

There really must be a big part of me wants to be a cheat. Every week I’ve done this challenge I’ve thought, ‘Nah! I don’t want that one. It doesn’t mean that much to me. I should really try for another.’

But there must also be a bigger part of me that wants to be honest. So, bugger it. Here’s my selection. Honestly.

1st Question from Steve

What is your best quality?   

Katie Melua, Halfway Up The Hindu Kush

I sometimes hear an artist I’ve never heard before or am not too familiar with then I hear something of their work and it hits me hard. When this CD was advertised on TV quite a number of years back a few tunes were highlighted and I loved every one of them. So I bought the CD, did the whole blood running thing. Later it went on to my I-pod. But I haven’t heard this one for a while.

The title of this song makes me think of someone taking advantage. That should be a warning, a lesson for the future. But it isn’t always for me. I’m very trusting. Inclined to believe the best of people. Which could also be seen as my worst quality.


2nd Question.

How did you meet your best friend?

Now this song isn’t one of mine although I did quite like a lot of Busted’s songs. I even saw them in concert when I had to take my two daughters to see them after they won a competition. In fact both of them have now got tickets to see McBusted – the union of McFly and Busted. Reliving their younger days and they’re still in them.

Thunderbirds Are Go, Busted

Yes, we were a couple of Thunderbirds when we met! I was 17, Nancy was 18. Both of us on our way to matriculate at college. I saw her at the bus station. She saw me. I think we fell in love a little. Must have been the mutual waist length hair and similar features. We clicked immediately. And have been friends ever since. Back then we put the world to rights, talked politics and life to the wee small hours, shared many a drunken night in the city and there was never, nor is there still, anything we could not talk about. For hours.


3rd Question

What Is Your Favourite Childhood Memory?

I Want It All, Queen

Now whether I did or I didn’t I don’t rightly recollect. I do remember wanting things I couldn’t have. Money priorities were for essentials and holidays. Not fancy toys for weans. We had enough, more than enough as I remember. My favourite memory would be of my dad taking myself and other siblings ‘up the braes’. Building fires, swinging from trees, gathering berries, spotting birds’ nests and learning about the countryside from my dad. Precious days. He was some man.

It’s just struck me too that Busted’s song mentions Spring Break. Happy holidays if you’re on them. Mine have started. School’s out!