Traffic Jam

I keep missing comments and fond familiar voices,

Apologies to all concerned,

In time-restricted choices.

Another week of trafficking in all their dirty tricks

Should see me back to normal,

Far removed from politics,

At least on board to reading other stuff but guff,

Honest to god, now passed my chin,

Nearly had enough.

Some light romance, some music, a video or two,

Some photographs, a few more jokes,

Anything would do.

One more week, well, less in fact, then, bugger, I’ve reports,

Twenty-six, my darling kids,

Progress, tricks, endeavour for six-year old cohort.

Pretty soon, as time will tell, I’ll get to browse again,

Until then, apologies

For bypassing bloggy friends.


Please, Miss… was the Guinness…

I’m not up to date with my writing and blogging because…

..the dog ate my homework

…my wee sister ripped up my jotter…

…some sheep put me off my stride…


…I was hypnotised by an evil witch and forgot…

…I was in a cottage with some wee people  and this old woman stopped in passing and made me eat a bit of an apple that was infected by an amnesia serum and it was just so peaceful…

an old hippy invaded my brain…

…an old hippy did invade my brain…


…and I’ve been in a semi-automatic state of meditation…

…contemplating tracks…

.. at the beach…

…and I couldn’t be bothered so I just read books instead…

…I had to work out some cloud formations…

…and there were some views I had to check out…

…a beautiful church I had to explore and photograph…

…I had to  climb a few mountains  sit at the bottom of some mountains admiring the view, reading and drawing, while my husband ran up and down them…

…I had to pretend to keep an eye on the kids while my husband stared into space did his own contemplating and played at caveman built a few fires…


When I returned from holiday, someone had eaten every morsel of food in the house except for some mouldy cheese and festering tomatoes  and I had to spend days stocking up…

… I’ve been catching up blethering  with friends and family I haven’t seen in a while…

…my laptop’s been playing silly buggers  freezing constantly and I had to save it from the blue screen of death…and it’s taken me ages!…

…Mrs Muse came on holiday with me and she missed the return ferry but may be back soon and decided to stay on supping Guinness, which, by the way, is the best I’ve she’s ever tasted……

…I took photographs of my homework instead…

…and drew a bit…

…I had to go out and trail round the shops doing school uniform buying… no, wait, that was a dream…

…I’ve still to trail round the shops doing school uniform buying…

…I’ve been watching the Commonwealth Games…

….Wait a minute….

I’M the teacher…no excuses… just chilled to the point of comatose!…

Still to do those feckin’ uniforms though and only a week left before school….

but like the Guinness, I’m not bitter…

My haze is lifting…I think…so back to normal fairly soon. Maybe.




Dawn to Dark

Whose shadow-darkened thoughts encroach and question,

Diminish dawn’s cockrow, dispel the day,

Worming into loam and taking root there,

Nightshade weed, asphyxiating prey?

 Invasive views, punitive to thinkers,

Banks of clouds eclipsing all sun’s beams,

Unsummoned guests disabling reason,

Recurrent words, distorted earthly themes.

 Florid-faced to grey on one perusal,

Ashen breath obstructing air, extinguish torch.

Whose mind a firmament of pyrotechnic danger

Erupting in the sentinel’s night watch?

 Where dreams are blessed with skies of bluest sunlight

Whose nightmares purge my soul with caustic fright?

Flavoursome Friend

Bliss time again,

First coffee!

Gawd, I love it so much!

Nowhere to be on a Sunday morn,

So reading

And a mug of my crutch


To pep up the day before it begins,

All snuggled and sipping in time

To words that I read and some that I write,

A pleasure so simple but fine.


Prep for some comments!

I’m ready to roll

In and out of my favourite blogs.

All calm in here,

Though grey outside,

The weather has gone to the dogs.


Thunder and lightening

Accompanied my dreams,

Flashed in at my window pane,

I woke through the night

With sadness, no fright,

But a heart aching with pain.


All better now, dreams are so strange,

Especially when I can’t recall

What passed through my mind as I lay sleeping.

Maybe that’s wiser for all.


Though heavy the skies,

My heart is renewed

With a cup of the freshest of brew

And time to peruse,

Chat with my muse

And catch up on all of the news.


So cheers little coffee bean!

My days wouldn’t start

Quite so well

If your scent and your flavour

Did not endeavour

To rouse me. It would all go to hell.


Mornings spent trying to awaken.

Giving my old body a shaking,

But no need for that, cos you’re right on hand.

Yes, you my coffee, are grand!