I’m Sorry

I’m sorry

Isn’t hard to say.

It’s easy.

I said it twice yesterday

And once, so far, today.

It’s easy.


The hardest part is reaching

To the place where

You know you’re way off mark.

Not easy.

To decide to rectify

What you’ve done wrong.

Not easy.

To judge yourself

And find the faults,

Not easy.

To resist

Justifying words and acts,

Not easy.


I’m sorry

Isn’t hard to say

Once sorrowful

Has found its sway.

So easy.


I’m hoping that

No more today

I’ll have cause

To have to say

I’m sorry.

But, if I do,

Be rest assured

I’ll swallow


And reassure

The one to whom

I have caused


So easy.


To see


Within their eyes

And know that

I have realised

I was wrong.