These Things



no tears

no crying

for the loss

where moments



feet up

pipe in hand


your present


all your


it knows

as no other knows

present fades




it doesn’t last

these things, too, pass


Brief Pause for Lost Cause

More care to give than I can give

I cannot,

A pause on lifeline of lost cause,

Regrets, mourned in passing

Demise, Ah poor fate,

Dead loss, god rest it, unpause.

Interred by own hand,

DNR’d, by request,

CPR, though offered, refused,

Cannot care more than dead loss for itself,

Paused briefly, now go on,

Cause choose.


Non, rien de rien,

Non, je ne regrette rien,

She sang.

I concur.

Life’s rocking chair test

will tease the past

in days to come.

I’ll hum the tune

and wonder why

I did not do,




I’ll speculate on

chances lost,

a life less well-lived,

moments that fled

before me

while I weighed the pros and cons.

Glimpses of might have beens

and could have, should haves

will torment my cowardly soul.

But, for those times

when I did,

when I grasped

the horns,

let them pierce,

rode the bull,

let it throw me




to tumble hurt

on dusty ground,

audience baying

or applauding,

I’ll be glad;

regretting only

the days I waved

white flag,

not red

and bled



by fear.

From The Start

I was just making dinner. And then out pops this little lot. The whole thing feels more like a song than a poem. Although what is a song if not a poem set to music? I’m not editing this at all. Just as it came. And now humming a tune that may fit. Wish I played guitar. Have to let the subconscious work on a melody.  Hope it doesn’t feel too cheesy. That might be because of what I’m cooking. 😉


There’s history there for the taking,

We made it but let it grow cold.

Not one of those words I was faking

Tho’ the story is one often told.

Two souls that united but parted

While around us stormy winds blew.

How could I have known when it started

How much I’d grow to love you?


Now the breeze is balmy and steady

But the hurt lives on in my heart.

Tell me, my love, that you’re ready

To try again, make a new start.


No one can hurt like a lover

When the scars, though they fade, still ache.

There never will be another

While there’s a chance we may take.

Believe in the story that grew then,

Remember the times that we shared.

Take comfort in knowing you’re still chosen

And nothing can make me feel scared.


Now the breeze is balmy and steady

But the hurt lives on in my heart.

Tell me, my love, that you’re ready

To try again, make a new start.


How many loves have been lost to

Stories begun but collapsed

In a world where true love is too few

And questions are filled with perhaps?

Now I’m just a lost, lonely lover

With a story to tell just like you,

Secrets that some may uncover,

No story when love is still true.


For the breeze is balmy but steady

And our hurts live on in my heart

But I’m telling you, darling, I’m ready

To live again right from the start.



Words of comfort,


Before beginning

Or ending.


Deepest thoughts

And heart’s belief.



Loss so great.

No time

To repent


And actions.


To grief.



Not later

Or tomorrow.

Time slips




To this thief.

No Regrets

Ponder those moments

Gone, not forgotten

Smile at the memories they bring

Cry when you’re happy

Laugh when you’re sad

Try your best just to sing –

Of hope and of wonder

Of faith and of love

Of joy sent from God

In awe of above.

Hindsight, a tool

To reflect what a fool

Regrets of life that is past

Today is pneumatic,

Energetic, ecstatic

Feel the force, feel the drive,

Make it last.