Perfect Timing


Midnight past, it’s dark at last,

We’ll call it perfect timing.

Right on cue, love’s calling you,

Hailed at perfect timing.

Rich red wine, music fine

Rhythm’d, perfect timing.

Bring yourself, bring little else,

Bring only perfect timing.

Bestow some heat, keep the beat

Tuned to perfect timing.

A harmony of you with me

Caught in perfect timing.

Claim the hour within our pow’r.

Let’s call it perfect timing.

(Image courtesy of Wikimedia:commons)


Here and There

It’s midnight here

And worlds apart we sleep.

I’m smiling here,

While other people weep.

I’m wishing here

For better days ahead.

Still smiling here

As thoughts roll through my head.

I’m playing here

With visuals in my mind.

Contemplating here,

A video on rewind.

I’m resisting here

The sounds around I hear.

No silence here.


You’re wondering there

Why no one seems to care.

Shuddering there

At danger in your air.

You’re crying there.

I hear you far away.

You’re beseeching there.

I’m wishing as I pray

That, over there,

Change is on its way.

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