Maiden’s Tax

So charge I, on steed, with sword by my right,

Helmeted, lance ever ready, a dragon to fight.

For maiden’s fair hand, I temper all prominent urges

Till once she is rescued; with prize, all lust fully surges.

Her hand I will espouse and promises pledge

To satisfy coy damsel; virtuous, unwed.


‘Here comes my saviour, knight on a mount.

A charger of white, nothing less would account.

His pity I seek for the sake of my life

And promises garnered to take me for wife.

I’ve been here before and I know well my plan.

For sake of my lover I dispatch every man.’


Breath full of fire and sulphurous glances,

My beauty espies and retrieves all life chances.

Though fairest of skin and tender of treat,

I forfeit hunger for her, for man’s endless meat.

With power beyond a dragon’s full pant

She barters with lovers and keeps me from want.


Here comes adventurer, no round affiliation.

One errant in task, no gallant equestrian.

‘I have him in sight, my flighty companion.

Threaten my safety, so he may succumb

To all my appeal as I faint in your arms.

Careful, my darling, let wings come to no harm.’


‘Ah, beauty I see! I invoke all my power.

This is my challenge, my valiant hour.

Soon she’ll be mine, with other distress,

As I purge all my fancies in darkest of forests.

Then leave her to lie where the nymphs find their nook

No knight of King Arthur I, but a dastardly crook.’


‘Now then my love, let acting begin,

Diminish the breath that holds all flight in.

Conquer this creature and eat of your fill

Then soar into heavens with me; I’m your girl.

A treaty convenient and mutually exclusive.

Thwart all these knights with intentions abusive.


‘Play possum, precious, when he comes for you

But let not his sword nor his lance strike for true.

Should battle enrage and it looks like he’s winning

I’ll sever his head from his body, while grinning,

With foil that’s been taken from the one who betrayed

This maiden so worthy in earlier days.


‘No man need I here while you’re by my side

Orgasmic communion is ours while we glide

Through skies endless vistas while soaring full height.

Hurry, my love, here comes bastard knight.

Bedevil his chances and wait till I lure.

Captivity once certain, then kill him for sure.’


Urges are rising as three come to meet.

All hunger of types, relentless drum beat

From hearts that are full of their deepest desires.

Today two will vanquish and quench their soul fires.

And firmament welcomes the two who would axe

The daring of any who thwart maiden’s tax.

Mind Warp

When we’ve been hurt

The chances are

We’ll seek some retribution

And play around with others’ hearts,

Seeking a solution.

For anger that lives deep down inside,

No longer suppressed but open wide

To anyone whose paths we cross.

We’ll make them suffer to

Assuage our loss.

Except, that doesn’t work.


Deeper hurt needs deeper healing,

Some understanding hugs with feeling.

Wounds, if picked, will fester so.

Hatred, vengeance, all will grow

Till fever claims your soul.

Relax, release, resist the urge,

Find another way to purge,

Before you warp your mind.


Video reading


Come hither eyes despise

And gloat at easy pickings, prey.

Flaunting promise, egotist

Cannot delay the day

He owns her body and her mind

Travels every quarter,

Possesses all to see and touch,                                                          

After all, he bought her

With wine and dine and flattery

And glinting, glazing gaze,

Some heat, a feat of promises.

Merely love for days.

But eyes know true all she can do,

Patience is her game,

Retribution knows its route.

A poisoned purpose, aim.

A sting or two, unwelcome wound,

Some malice and a cheer

Vengeance potion swiftly served

In glass of frothy beer.

Behind the bar, she tends to fate,

Conquests there abound,

Not all that catch her eye must fear

The potent ordered round.

Just one or two, well maybe few,

Whose undeserving hearts

Relinquished mercy from her hands

Each time their love departs.

She smiles and flirts and shows some favour

To their willing form.

Claiming wives don’t understand

And they are left lovelorn.

Lies, damned lies, she’s found to cost,

Each trivial betrayal,

Is met with lust then vengeance

In glass upon the table.

Drink up, boys, there’s plenty more,

I’m willing and I’m free

For titillation, dining out and

Partying, for fee.

But morning’s dawn will sing new song,

And each new night will bring

Another manly whore around

To laugh and drink and sing;

Flexing muscles, flashing grins,

Strutting their fine glutes

And using lies and lucre

For all their cheap pursuits.

Now faithful wives have staunch ally

And help along the way,

A phone call and a photograph

Help to make their day.

Some castor oil and laxative

Well mixed in each new batch.

Beware, bad boys, the barmaid’s there

And, with aid, she’ll make her catch.